[FANCAMS] 2NE1 – Birth Night Party


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2NE1’s name get featured on You’re Beautiful

So now I’m back to my addiction – yes, watching dramas.

YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL – Park Shin Hye (Female/Male Lead or whatever you wannacall it)

I was very curious about this drama because when i saw the trailer, the girl looked like Horikita Maki (Hana Kimi) and Eun Hye ( Coffee Prince) in one. Plus, the story looked fun since it was about a girl disguising as a boy to replace her brother who was part of A.N JELL(band).

Very timely huh? Looking at how many Girl Groups and Boy Groups (yeah you gotta include boy groups man!) coming out from nowhere.


See 2NE1’s name there? 2NE1’s name (literally) got featured in You’re Beautiful.

The story was like this. The Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) didn’t know who Yoo He Yi (UEE) was and On Yu (Hongki) was frustrated on how GMN not knowing Yoo He Yi.  So GMN’s manager and coordinator played game with her – Let’s memorize Idol name’s.

SNSD and SUJU’s member names where picked by the Manager all the time,  you know how many members do SJ have.

She memorized well. <3

While she was enumerating SJ names, you would see 2NE1 and is that bigbang? name in the white board.


Oh yes, it was BIGBANG.


You should try watching this drama.. XD

CREDIT if taken out: jlinkify for the video I watched + letsplay2ne1

Mariah Carey responds to YG’s plagiarism claim


Mariah Carey was in Korea this week, and it was revealed that she was informed of what YG had to say about the plagiarism controversy. Regarding the accusation againstBig Bang and 2NE1YG has said:

“…A few days ago, Mariah Carey’s new song, “Standing O”’, had its teaser released on YouTube. Comparing this song to “In the Club”, you get 8 bars of similar parts not just 2. It’s not just 5 seconds that are similar, but 24; and when you account for the repetition of the major theme, it’s almost an entire minute of similarity. What is Sony ATV‘s opinion towards this song? I don’t know, but I can assure that you can’t easily say that Mariah Carey has plagiarized 2NE1’s song that was released 3 months ago, although it contains longer and clearer motives from “In the Club”.”

A member of team that promoted Mariah’s visit to Korea said, “The controversy was explained in detail to Mariah by her management.” The explanation included accusations against G-Dragon, the trouble between YG and Sony ATV, and YG’s official statement including the part where he mentioned Mariah’s new song. After receiving this information, Mariah answered, “Too complicated,” and made a dumbfounded smile, according to the member.

Mariah left Korea on 15th for Japan.


[FAN TAKEN] Pictures – 2NE1 at Birth Party Night


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[PICS] G-Daragon and Dara at Birth Night Party


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[PICS] 2NE1 at Birth Night Party


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