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Dream Concert Pictures

dream concert

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091010 Dara updates us 6x <3

101009 Dara1

청도갔을때 사진을 한번 쫘롸락~!풀어볼까욧?! 대기시간이 아주 길었던 한중가요제!우리끼리 이것저것 하면서 노니까시간이 금방가더라구요!^.^

One photo chalkak at Qingdao~! Shall we release it?! The waiting time was so long at Korea-China music festival! The time went so fast while we were doing this and that! ^.^

101009 Dara2

막내라인의 이쁜짓 표정!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ애들이 어찌나 귀엽고 애교가 많은지… 투애니원TV보다 몇배는 더 심해요!!!ㅋ그러다가 무대에올라가면 카리쓰마 눈빛쏘구 막ㅋ훗…꼬맹이들…ㅋㅋ니네들 쫌 귀엽따!

The maknae lines pretty expressions! kkkkkk The kids are so cute and have so much cuteness it’s worse than in 2ne1tv!!! k and then when they are on stage, they fire charisma from their eyes! k The little kids kk You guys are so cute!

101009 Dara3

심심할때 채뤼니가 나중에올리라고 찍어준 사진!!귀엽조?!^.^ 사진은 잘못찍는거같은데 인물이 워낙귀여우니까아~ㅋ포토그래퍼 씨에루 고맙게생각해라!ㅋ

Chaerin took this photo, so i can upload this when i am bored later!! cute right?! ^.^ It seems like she took the photo wrong, but my face is like a fox~ k photographer CL-Roo you should be thankful! ㅋ

101009 Dara4

드림콘서트 무대를 마치고 내려왔어요!^.^ 우와…울 랙잭이들 소리가…오오오…ㅋ최고! VIP분들과 함게 어우러져서 아주 그냥 최고엿던거같아요! 훈훈한 와쥐빼밀리!!!오늘 정말 재밌었구요~ 오늘 못오신분들은방송으로함게해용~!^.^뿅!

We finished our Dream Concert performances and we’re going back!^.^Ooohwah…The BlackJacks were so loud…ohohoh…ㅋThe best! VIP sang together with us and it was amazing! On this warm day YG Family!!! Today was really fun~ Today, one person was pardoned from the broadcast~!^.^Bbyong!

101009 Dara5

열심히 즐겁게 즐겨운 랙잭님들에게 날리는 선물1탄!!! 도발에로귀여움애교와파워풀한매력을 가꼬있는막내 밍끼의 셀카~! 슝~! 받으시오~!^.^

We hope the BlackJacks enjoy our first present!!! This provocative picture shows the youngest, Minji’s selca~! Shyoong~! Take it~!^.^”

101009 Dara6

랙잭님들에게 날리는 선물 2탄~!!이것은 말이 필요업다! 이건 그냥 아가린!ㅋ아가린의 귀여운 셀카~!받으시오~!^.^ 오늘은 여기까지! 수고햇구요~ 굿밤!^.^뿅~!

Our second gift to the BlackJacks~!! Language is necessary for this! Oh, it’s hidden!ㅋ Hidden cute selca~! Check it~!^.^ Until today! Sleep well~ Good night!^.^ Bbyong~!”

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Pictures at Torch Event


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Official Pictures at Global Gathering


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Sandara Park aka Dara as MOST COMPATIBLE to Yoo SeungHo

2NE1 Sandara Park has been chosen as the most compatible senior to actor Yoo SeungHo.

A poll was done on GomTV from 25th September till 2nd October on the question “Which senior female celebrity do you think is most compatible with Korea’s little brother Yoo SeungHo?”. And member Sandara Park from group 2NE1 has been chosen by netizens as the #1 senior female celebrity for the poll.

Go under the cut to find out who else was voted on the poll.

Sandara Park received 63 votes out of 171 (36.8%). Many netizens thought that Sandara Park’s cute image and outstanding looks go well with Yoo SeungHo.

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA is voted at #2 with 61 votes (35.7%). After School UEE is at #3 with 27 votes (15.8%) and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn is voted at #4 with 20 votes (11.7%).

&& ALSO, Sandara’s brother will be debuting soon with the group MBLAQ
wooot wooott*

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