[VIDEOS] MNet Idol Charts: Most Fashionable! Bom at #19 and CL at #5!

19. Park Bom


CL after the jump!


[ADMIN POST] Happy 2ND Anniversary 2NE1!!

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since they debuted! We Blackjacks are so proud of what they have achieved over the past 2 years! And we hope to see them grow as musicians/artists and get stronger in the years to come. Here is a list* of what 2NE1 has achieved for 2009-2010. Compiled by the LP2NE1 staffs! :))

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[ME2DAY/110516] CL receive some flowers from fans


성년의날을 맞아 팬분들이 꽃과 향수를 보내줬다며 미소짓는 아가린! 푸둥한 손과함께 찰칵!!! ㅋㅋㅋ그럼..뽀뽀는???ㅋ 언젠간 받겟죠..뭐..!ㅋㅋ언제나 어린이이고싶은 채린이가 여러분께 보내는 메세지입니다~ “절~ 어린이 취급해주세욥!” ^_^

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[PHOTO] 2NE1’s Lonely MV Soon To Hit 4M; Less than a 100K to go!

The power of a good song combined with talented vocals and beautiful ladies. Congratulations 2NE1!
Keep rocking!

Oh yeah, our leader, CL is now our legal age! Woooot!  ^ ^

Written by renKa002 of LetsPlay2NE1

[GOODIE#49] More of 2NE1 Fashion in Lonely MV

Everyone awaits 2NE1‘s “Lonely” MV since this song has no auto-tune and just the fresh and touching voice of the girls with harmonious, acoustic sound.  As the video is just out in a day, it reaches 575,825 views on Youtube. And also their fashion also gives us new style and look. I already posted the first article of 2NE1 lonely fashion which I based in their BTS on YG on air. And now I’m not surprised that they’re in BALMAIN again but how they match each clothes and find which of it fits them. Their song and styles really match, its more like a LONELY + PUNK ROCK STYLE = “lonely rocker sang a love song”.

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