[TWITTER/PHOTOS] SBS PD Tweets 2NE1 on Popular Song

오늘 아침부터 인기가요 사녹 구경갔다가 소심하게 말한다음 얻어온 득템들!!이따 인기가요 자세히 보면 나옵니다ㅋㅋ

source: Hyun Sun Park@Twitter 

Sunday 13:00 KST

Credit: DC2NE1

[ME2DAY/110529] Dara, “The stage is wild”


꺅!!!오늘 정말 오랜만에 무대라 다들 설레여하고 즐거웠는데 이렇게 큰선물까지!!!+.+항상 그렇지만 수상소감을 잘못하게되네요!ㅠ사실 어떡게 말로 다 표현하겠어요!너무 든든한 울 사장님! 테디신님! 쿠시! 글구 울 팬들~ 랙잭이들과 우리 음악 좋아해주시는분들께!(__)

Tags: 투애니원 앞으로도 좋은음악 그리고 무대로 보답하겠습니다! ^.^ 다음 싱글은 꽈~연…??? 앗! 비밀!!! 아이고오~ 임금님귀는 당나귀귀~! 입이 간질간질 ㅋㅋㅋ


Kyah! It’s been a long time since we perform at stage and we are really excited today! The stage is wild, We really enjoyed it and I can’t believe that we won! I don’t know how to express my gratitude! Thank you to President YG for his support! Teddy and Kush for producing this song! and to all the love and support from BlackJacks! Thank you!

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[ME2DAY/110529] Dara, Complete failure… I Can’t Sleep


Argh~!!! Complete! Complete! Complete failure!!! It’s an operation failure! ㅠ.ㅠ Tomorrow, we’ll be going to Inkigayo ~ We have to go into the salon at 4 o’clock in the morning for hair and make-up, and I said yes~ Today, practice finished early, and we had dinner at 8:00 and then slept…!!! Well, at ten I got up to boil something to eat and until now, I’m still awake ㅠ So now I’m restless and can’t sleep….like usual ㅠHe!

Tags: Tomorrow, I’ll appear in Inkigayo wearing dark circles under my eyes ke ke ke But still, Lonely, fighting! We will~ do our best~^.^

Source: Dara’s me2day 
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

capped by:iamrekushi@LP2NE1

[ME2DAY/110527] Designer Ssan.. Adidas Blackjack shoes

짜쟌!!!내가 아디다스 가서 직접 만든 운동화에요!!!완젼 귀엽죠~?!?^.^보면 알겠지만 블랙잭 생각하면서 만들었어요!ㅋ캬~!디자이너 싼~의 첫작품!!!이거 하나밖에없는 신발인데 혼자신기 아깝네요ㅠ랙잭이와 커신~커플신발 하고싶은데 한번 고민해볼게용!+.+아이디어?!

Tags: 어제 단국대축제 짱 신나게 놀았어용 ! 오늘은 중앙대축제 ! 히히히 오늘도 좀 재밌겠는뒈에 ~???


Tada!!! Went to create my own ADIDAS!!! Totally cute, right~?!?^.^ If you see them, you’ll see why I made them for BlackJacks!ㅋ Kya~! Designer’s first ones!!! Not only these ones are awesome thoughㅠ With BlackJacks~ Want to make couple shoes, but!+.+ Ideas?!

source: 21dara@me2day

Thursday 110527 19:05 KST

Translation by: AA-CHAN

[ME2DAY/110525] Dara, “2NE1 crazy practice”

와쌉?!?^_^ 좋은곡~ 멋진춤! 미친연습!!!ㅋ몬가.. 열정을 불태울수있다는게 참!!! 맘에두뤄어~! 츄리닝바람에 퉤니원! +.+ 귀요미네~!ㅋㅋ


Wassup?!?^_^ Good music~ Cool dance! Practice!!!ㅋ What.. We’re burning with passion!!! Training suit 2NE1! +.+ Cute~!ㅋㅋ


source: 21dara@me2day

[ME2DAY/110524] Dara, 2NE1 1st Concert!!!

두둥!!!!!!!!!!! 두근두근세근네근!!!! 콩닥콩닥콩닥!!!!!!!!!! 꺅!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +.+ 투애니원 첫번째 콘서트!!!!!!! 남!녀!노!소! 카몬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^

source: 21dara@me2day

[ME2DAY/110521] Wassup?!! Did you see Mingkki me2day ads??

와쌉?!! ^.^ 밍끼가 우리 영화보는거 도촬하는 미투데이 광고 봤어요??? 오늘 하루종일 방송에 나올텐데..! 론리한 언니들이 영화를 보며 대리만족을 느끼고 그모습을 찍은 막내밍끼 ㅋㅋ 아 이건 밍끼양이 당첨자분을에게 보내드릴 파일에 직접싸인하는 모습!ㅋㅋ손만공개ㅋㅋ

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[ME2DAY/110520] 2NE1 Busy Practicing

두둥!!! 오늘 당첨되시는 40분께 드릴 투애니원 싸인된 파일!!! 씨엘민지양운 아쉽게도 지금 함께하지못햇지만.. 연습실에서 열심히…^^앗! 여기까지!!! 히히히 그랴도 애들 싸인은 받아서 배송해드립니다!!! 히히히


 Tada!!! In around 40 minutes, we’re going to give away a signed 2NE1 file!!! CL and Minzy are sad not to be with us.. They’re working hard in the practice rooms…^^Ah! Until here!!! Hehehe. When we get their sign, we’ll send it!!! Hehehe.

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