Would you miss LetsPlay2NE1?


21 thoughts on “Would you miss LetsPlay2NE1?

  1. Why You Have to close this website? Pls don’t close it :'( u know, i visit Letsplay2ne1 everyday to know abt the latest 2ne1 news, don’t leave us, i beg u..

  2. what it is?? why so sudden?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! dont go!! why oh why???? first Daesung’s news, now this?? my life is HAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!!!!!!

  3. why are this website suddenly have to be closed?? can you give me some explanation?? I visit this website everyday to have the latest news from 2NE1, i would be in a mess if this website is closing.

  4. Yes, this site would be missed !
    This place always had the latest information on 2NE1 and made it easier
    for a person on the wrong side of the globe to know what those 4 were up to.

    Hope that this place will still be here in the coming months.
    Will be quite sad if it stops being around.

  5. its the only 2NE1 site I check when I have the chance to go on the internet ==” I would really miss it :(( u gave the best updates, thanks for al the good work, I hoped it lasted longer tho….

  6. I’m gonna miss this site….cause i always visit it…. :((
    thank you guys for always updating us with 2ne1..
    your efforts were highly appreciated………thank you again…^^

  7. nooooo ur joking rite? its a joke please T_T ur like the only site i look for 2ne1 updates! ur tab has never been closed on my browser D=

  8. NOOO i will miss it!! i feel like yall is gonna close but maybe not and just moved to a new and better place eh eh eh eh eh? riiiiight?

  9. yes,, I would,, we would!!! why leave now?? please, I never fail to check this everyday. This is my best source of update for 2ne1!

  10. why?! i’ll miss this site…its the only site i look for 2ne1 updates..ohdara for dara updates and clbaddestfemale for cl updates…why?! though i sometimes just lurk and don’t leave comments i really appreciate your efforts please don’t leave but if its inevitable then thank you guys for all the hard work keeping us updated on our beloved girls ^.^

  11. yes of course we’ll miss you..
    nooo please…
    everytime i sit in front of pc you’ll always be the first/2nd page i open..
    please don’t leave us… your updates are such the most wonderful thing for us.

  12. You guys won’t close this blog right?? NO please don’t! what’s with the goodbye thing!! You guys are going to change the site name right?

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