|RUMOR| CL and Bom Twitter Accounts

Do our girls have twitter accounts? Naver seems to think so.

According to a member of NEPEOPLE (a Korean 2ne1 fan forum) Naver (a Korean portal site) is posting false information about the aforementioned 2ne1 members in their official information pages in the site. The kBlackjack said that when you check the @_parkbom account, it says: ” I AM NOT THE REAL BOM. ” and the CL account has not had, so far, any activity whatsoever. So I bid caution to all Blackjacks and YG stans out there,  the ONLY official twitter accounts of YG artists are the following. Any other accounts are unverified and therefore declared as unofficial.

세븐 (Se7en) – http://twitter.com/officialse7en
태양 (Taeyang of Big Bang) – http://twitter.com/Realtaeyang
송백경 (Song Baek Kyung of 1TYM) – http://twitter.com/supafunkboy
Sean Ro of JinuSean  –  http://twitter.com/jinuSEAN3000

정혜영 (Jung Hye Young – Actress) http://twitter.com/HyeYoung2004
구혜선 (Goo Hye Sun – Actress) – http://twitter.com/koohs

CREDIT: http://ygfamily.com/ and 소울봄 @ NEPEOPLE



6 thoughts on “|RUMOR| CL and Bom Twitter Accounts

    • It’s the official YG ARTISTS twitter accounts. :) I didn’t include the staff because essentially these are the only ones really confirmed by YGE but that’s actually a great idea!

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