[PHOTOS] CL and Dara for a Nikon at Photo and Imaging Event

There is going to be a photo talk show with all the YG family members showcasing shots they took of their daily lives: stage performances, rehearsals, etc. Dara and CL went on the event to announce it formally to the fans as representatives of YG family.

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[NEWS] YG reveals everything about 2NE1 on YG-LIFE Blog

“On April 21st, we will be releasing Park Bom’s solo track, ‘Please Don’t Cry‘, as a digital single. The single is the work of Teddy, and features a piano and house beat, which acts as a fast-paced R&B dance track. The music video will be released on the same day.

Unfortunately, we do not have plans for Park Bom to perform her solo on broadcast, but we will be starting aggressive and assertive activities for 2NE1 until the end of August.

2NE1 will be debuting in Japan on September.

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[NEWS] April 18th, YG Entertainment will reveal 2NE1’s comeback details

Yesterday, an image was uploaded onto YG Entertainment’s official blog which read, “2NE1 COMING SOON,” hinting that the fierce group is preparing for an upcoming comeback.

Today, YG Entertainment stated, “We will reveal 2NE1’s comeback details on the 18th. After last year’s album, the girls have continuously worked on this new album. Please anticipate these new songs.”

After 2NE1’s debut, it’s clear that whether it’s music, fashion, or performance, the group has set themselves apart from their competition. The release of this new album will mark 2NE1’s return after 7 months of hiatus.

Fans are already anxiously waiting for the group’s comeback, with some leaving comments such as, “Even when I just see 2NE1’s logo, my heart beats” and “It’s an unanticipated comeback notice so I’m shocked but happy.”

Source: Sports Today
Credit: Koreaboo

[NEWS]New agency association formed to promote Korean stars thoughout Asia

A group of Korea’s top agencies are working together to help push their stars past Korea’s borders into Asia.

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[OFFICIAL RELEASE] 2NE1- Can’t Nobody: English Version MV in HD

YG has finally released 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody English Version MV in 2NE1’s official youtube.
Enjoy Blackjacks! What’s your favorite part?

Note: Don’t re-upload anywhere, watch it only in their official youtube channel

Source: 2NE1’s official youtube


[NEWS] YG-LIFE “I Hate This Love Song”- what does this mean?

YG Entertainment has just unveiled a mysterious image on their official ‘YG-Life‘ blog.

Speculations are running rampant over the context of the message which was unveiled on the night of March 26th, which reads “I Hate This Love Song !“.

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[NEWS] APRIL is the month of 2NE1’s comeback with a New Album

2NE1’s Will Come Back with a New Album in April

YG Entertainment has finally confirmed that 2NE1’s new Korean album will be released soon.

The band was supposed to make their Japanese debut this month and make a comeback in Korea after finishing their activities there, now the girls are getting ready for the release of their new album in April.

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