[NEWS] YG reveals everything about 2NE1 on YG-LIFE Blog

“On April 21st, we will be releasing Park Bom’s solo track, ‘Please Don’t Cry‘, as a digital single. The single is the work of Teddy, and features a piano and house beat, which acts as a fast-paced R&B dance track. The music video will be released on the same day.

Unfortunately, we do not have plans for Park Bom to perform her solo on broadcast, but we will be starting aggressive and assertive activities for 2NE1 until the end of August.

2NE1 will be debuting in Japan on September.

What do we mean by aggressive and assertive promotions?

Unlike how we introduced 2NE1’s triple title tracks – “Can’t Nobody“, “Go Away“, “Clap Your Hands” – during their last mini-album promotions (which ended with their follow-up, “It Hurts“) we will be releasing a new song every three weeks.

The reason we have chosen to take this route is because we are more than satisfied with the level of quality in 2NE1’s new songs, and we are intending to use all six of the album’s songs as title tracks for this promotion.

We will be starting season three of ‘2NE1 TV’ with PD Choi. We are currently looking at an air date of around the beginning of June.

Finally, 2NE1 will be holding their first ever concert at the end of August.

We have already surveyed the concert hall and feel that we will be able to run a concert with 2NE1’s representative tracks and their new six tracks.

We hope that our fans will give their support and encouragement towards 2NE1’s new music and promotions.

Thank you.

From YG”

Source: YG Life
Translations from AllKpop
Capped by Benettemarie @LP21


11 thoughts on “[NEWS] YG reveals everything about 2NE1 on YG-LIFE Blog

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  3. yay for 2ne1tv season 3, it also says 2ne1 is going to film the third season of 2ne1 tv with the producer from season 1~~

    • From my understanding: A solo concert is where the artist does almost all the performances with only a one or two guests, which is not the case for the Philippine concert. Yes, The Party is still a concert but there will be opening acts besides 2NE1 though the girls will be performing more than the other acts.

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