[NEWS]New agency association formed to promote Korean stars thoughout Asia

A group of Korea’s top agencies are working together to help push their stars past Korea’s borders into Asia.

The new agency, called “United Asia Management,” was formed in conjunction with KEYEAST, AMEnt, Star J Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. 

In a press release, they said that they “realized the need to create an international agency in Asia to serve as the foundation for promoting Korean stars in the Asian entertainment market.”

United Asia Management will manage all entertainers under these 6 agencies as well as their copyright and content production.

Source: Chosun Ilbo
Credit: BlueMonk of Koreaboo.com


3 thoughts on “[NEWS]New agency association formed to promote Korean stars thoughout Asia

  1. Actually, my favourite star is KIM NAM GIL of Star J Management Company. Though he is currently still serving his country- I feel really proud of him for being a responsible man for Korea-we , the fans really miss him in Singapore , Thailand, and other countries . We hope that we can see him for a fan meet soon after he finishes his national service in July 2012 . Thank you for your help to promote Korean artistes such as him to Asia! :) We really hope to see him more often in movies, more drama productions, music albums and concerts or product endorsement projects in Asia! :)

  2. I feel really happy that Korean artiste management companies are doing their best to promote all the talented artistes in Korea to us in Asia. We hope that we can have more chances to see our favourite artistes in local productions (e.g. Singapore) and have more fan meets cum concerts held here. As most of us in Asia cannot speak Korean though we have already taken up courses to study Korean, we would really appreciate an agent such as this to bring Korean stars to Asia for long trips or short trips to meet their fans and take part in local fan meets . In this way, I believe that it is a win-win situation for both the fans, management companies and even the artistes as well as their fame and popularity will surely be longer lasting than just limited to Korea. Aja! Aja! Fighting! :)

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