[NEWS/110526] 2NE1 to perform reggae version of “Lonely” on “YG ON AIR” this week

“YG ON AIR” is YG Entertainment’s latest promoting tool for their artists. This enables their artists to not only be more comfortable in their environment, but provides less stress to get ready for a performance. As many may know, for an artist to get ready for a music show, it takes an entire day of makeup, rehearsal, and finally actually performing at the end of the day. Continue reading

[ARTICLE] 2NE1 to perform together next week! Guess what song they will perform


Recently, YG has revealed that Park Bom will be performing her new song, Don’t Cry LIVE this Friday. This performance is special because it presents a new way of sharing YG Entertainment’s productions without having to rely on broardcasting programs. This broadcast will be call YG on Air and is made possible with the cooperation of Naver, Korea’s biggest online portal site.

He added that this was still experimental so it is difficult to promise broadcasting schedules. YG ended his explanation of YG on Air with exciting news… Continue reading

[NEWS] YG-LIFE “I Hate This Love Song”- what does this mean?

YG Entertainment has just unveiled a mysterious image on their official ‘YG-Life‘ blog.

Speculations are running rampant over the context of the message which was unveiled on the night of March 26th, which reads “I Hate This Love Song !“.

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|News/101124| Black Eyed Peas and YG have a same countdown?

So what does this mean?

You know  we have been getting lots of news and videos about 2NE1 working with Black Eyed Peas.
Now, Black Eyed Peas is coming out with a new album, “The Beginning” on November 30th and they even set up a countdown in their official website that looks similar with YG’s countdown posted via YG-Life blog..

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|101027\PHOTO| YGLife: Expect a Treat this Holloween ~

Source: YG-Life.com
Re-up: renKa002@LP21

Seems like YG is teasing us again! I wonder what treat we’ll get this Holloween?
Just a few more days till we find out!