[TWITTER/110530] Minzy, “filipino blackjacks, are you ready to party?”


[TWITTER/110522-23] Minzy’s tasty cookies and have a sweet dreams

쿠키에 여세를 몰아~~먹음직스럽게 입은 깨찰빵아이들...!!!

More updates another the cut~~

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[ADMIN POST] Happy 2ND Anniversary 2NE1!!

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since they debuted! We Blackjacks are so proud of what they have achieved over the past 2 years! And we hope to see them grow as musicians/artists and get stronger in the years to come. Here is a list* of what 2NE1 has achieved for 2009-2010. Compiled by the LP2NE1 staffs! :))

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[PHOTO] 2NE1’s Lonely MV Soon To Hit 4M; Less than a 100K to go!

The power of a good song combined with talented vocals and beautiful ladies. Congratulations 2NE1!
Keep rocking!

Oh yeah, our leader, CL is now our legal age! Woooot!  ^ ^

Written by renKa002 of LetsPlay2NE1