[NEWS] APRIL is the month of 2NE1’s comeback with a New Album

2NE1’s Will Come Back with a New Album in April

YG Entertainment has finally confirmed that 2NE1’s new Korean album will be released soon.

The band was supposed to make their Japanese debut this month and make a comeback in Korea after finishing their activities there, now the girls are getting ready for the release of their new album in April.

Teddy and other YG producers are the ones in charge of this new album and it has been said that they have created really good new songs for their comeback. They have been preparing the album for some time and they will release it sooner than scheduled due to the changes caused by the cancellation of their Japanese activities.

On their last album they presented three tittle tracks which received a lot of love, now they will also present amazing stages.

Now that it is officially confirmed that their new album will be out soon we can expect a great comeback.

Stay tuned to GoKpop for more information.

source: nate
Photo source: Sport Chosun
translation: solangelvp@gokpop


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