[YGonAIR] Episode 5: 2NE1 “LONELY” Reggae Ver. Live Session \ Big Bang in Nagoya, Japan



[YGonAir] Episode 2: Will.I.Am; BB in Japan; Lonely MV shoot (SUBBED)

To activate the subs, press the play button then the “CC” button. Enjoy! :}

SOURCE: 2NE1 @ Youtube

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[Goodie #32] YG Family selca polaroids from YG Family Concert


These are apparently scans  from YG Family Concert 2010 photobook, but some of the originals might be sent to the fans along with the purchased DVD!


Do you spot all the pics from 2ne1 ladies?




Credit: Tisya of BigBangupdates.com

[NEWS] 2NE1 and BIGBANG Fanmeet in Malaysia confirmed! Tentative date in conflict with THE PARTY? (UPDATED with Ms. Happee’s response)

First, a concert in the Philippines. Now, a fanmeet in Malaysia!

Looks like the ladies of 2NE1 will be having lots of activities this coming June 2011.

Redstar Presents, who is hosting the event, has confirmed sometime yesterday that both 2NE1 and fellow labelmate, BIGBANG will be having a fanmeet in Malaysia. Only 400 fans for each group will be allowed to meet, greet and possibly shake the hands of 2NE1 and BIGBANG.

For updates on the event, please visit the event’s official event page.


Through the inquires of Filipino blackjacks on Ms. Happee Sy’s FB Page, she had replied regarding the conflict in dates.

She’s basically clarifying that they had already fixed the date with YG for the concert in the Philippines. She also adds that the stage layout for THE PARTY did not come from them since they are still measuring the location.

Capped and written by renKa002 of LP2NE1
Source: Redstar Presents FB Page + Big Bang & 2NE1 FM in Malaysia 2011 Event Page + Happee Sy’s FB Page


Note: Regarding the matter on the stage layout for THE PARTY, I have decided to take down the article that we had  posted about it as to avoid any confusion. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have cause. – renKa002

[NEWS] YG-LIFE “I Hate This Love Song”- what does this mean?

YG Entertainment has just unveiled a mysterious image on their official ‘YG-Life‘ blog.

Speculations are running rampant over the context of the message which was unveiled on the night of March 26th, which reads “I Hate This Love Song !“.

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