[VIDEOS/110529] 2NE1 performs ‘Lonely’ and Park Bom w/ ‘Don’t Cry’ on Inkigayo!

2NE1 won Inkigayo with the song ‘Lonely’ today!  They still managed to be no. 1 on today’s K-Chart despite performing only once!

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[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk plans to make 2011 2NE1’s year


2NE1 debuted three years ago, but in my eyes, they still look like rookies. I think that’s synonymous to how they haven’t had that many activities or exposure through TV. Therefore, 2NE1 still has quite a bit to show. This year will be the year to settle it all.

The above statement was made by YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk, expressing his views on 2NE1’s impending return to the music industry.

Coming back with ‘Lonely’ eight months after dropping their first studio album, 2NE1 has been sweeping Korean music charts, even scoring a perfect all-kill in major charts in May. Continue reading

[CHARTS] Gaon releases chart rankings for third week of May!

Gaon chart calculates its ranking from ranking results from all korean music portals! It’s like the mother of all charts. Like the Oricon or the Billboard Charts.

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking [Accumulation of online streaming, download, and BGM purchases] Continue reading

[FEATURED ON LP21] Big21 Fashion Fever – Contagious Creative Fashion Competition

Contact : Fatin Said

E-mail : fatindabomb@big21fashion.com

Website : www.big21fashion.com


Big21 Fashion Fever – Contagious Creative Fashion Competition

BIG21 FASHION EVOLUTION is about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary coming May 25th, 2011. In order to commemorate this special event, Big21 Fashion Evolution have decided to organize a worldwide online fashion competition to the growing community of Big Bang and 2NE1 (Korea’s high ranking boy and girl group from the same company – YG Entertainment) fashion lovers, Big21 Fashion Fever. In addition, finalists will be walking away with prizes worth up to USD$300.

The rules of the competition are simple and they are attached with the Press Release. All participants will be judge by the public in the first round in which the top 12 finalists will continue on in the second round. Amongst the 12, the winner will be judge by an outsource party to avoid any bias judgments.10 finalist will also be winning Big Bang Big Show Clear Files each while the top 2 prizes are as follows:-

Grand prize : 2NE1 Military Jacket, SeungRi White Gold VVIP Necklace and Big Bang for UNIQLO T-shirt

1st Runner-Up : 2NE1 Original Classic Poker Hoodie and Big Bang Big Show Can Button

The competition will last until July 20th, 2011. However, the first round of the competition will end on June 15th, 2011.

The Rules and Regulations

  1. E-mail/Create an online scrapbook i.e. Blogs, Youtube, Polyvore, Looklet, Tumblr etc. Create a fashion post in online scrapbook by starting the tile with Big21 Fashion Fever – your own title i.e. Big21 Fashion Fever – CL Rocks!!! and together e-mail the details below to admin@big21fashion.com.
  2. 1 entry is entitled to 1 featured post in Big21 Fashion Evolution website. The participants’ posts can be updated as long as the participants constantly e-mail their updated URL/URLs to admin@big21fashion.com. Participants can send more than 1 online scrapbook URLs i.e. personal blog URL, Youtube channel URL, Polyvore URL etc.
  3. Once the post is published, promote and get as many people to Like (Facebook), Retweet (Twitter), Reblog (Tumblr) and even leave comments. 12 participants with the most responses advance to the Last Round.
  4. 12 finalists will need to submit a creation of your own fashion posts inspired by Big Bang and 2NE1, not exact twin but inspired look.
  5. The finalists will be judge by an outsource party to avoid any bias judgements.

Regular Q&A

  1. 1.       Can 1 participant submit more than post?

Each participant is entitled to 1 post featured in Big21 Fashion Evolution website. That post can constantly be updated with new entries as long as participants submit to the admin a notice as well as the updated URLs. Their 1 post may contain more than 1 design/inspiration.

  1.  How will the top 12 finalist be chosen?

The 12 participants with the most responses which includes number of comments by the public (no spamming), like in Facebook, retweets in Twitter and reblog in Tumblr will be chosen to the final round. Unique responses are calculated meaning only if participant received 2 or more responses from the same person, it shall not be accumulated into the amount of responses.

  1. What criteria needed for the 12 finalists?

Final round finalists must create a look (it can be their own design or styling) that was inspired by 2NE1. Looks must be 100% original and not carbon copy of Big Bang/2NE1.

For more info visit: http://www.big21fashion.com/2011/05/fashion-evolution-competition-big21.html

Are you creative enough? Then I guess you should join and win their prices!

[ME2DAY/110520] Dara, “Start!”


Heol!!!! kekeke Start!!!^.^

Vodpod videos no longer available.

나 오늘 지금.. 음악감상중!!! 론리가 혼자 걸으면서 듣기 좋은곡인줄은 알고있었지만 이렇게 비오는날 드라이브 하면서 듣기도 이렇게 좋을줄이야!!!ㅠㅠ 200%몰입이되는게..내가 마치 이노래의 주인공같고.. 분위기 끝내죠요!!! 오..이런 마성의 론리..캬~!!!+.+

Translated by: ddochiRoo of LP2NE1
Source: Dara’s Me2day 

[CHARTS/110519] Don’t Cry and Lonely Chart Summary from all Kmusic portals/sites

Chart Ranking Summary for Park Bom’s Don’t Cry (110422-110519)

First Column: Melon
싸이 (Cyworld)
Naver  Music
Daum Music
and more  [Sorry, I don’t recognize the last 4 column titles :)]

Chart Ranking Summary for Lonely (110513-110519) Continue reading

[ME2DAY/110519] Dara shows us a cute Nikon folder and comics~!


내일 와이지 온에어 실시간 미투 두번째 시간~!!! 기대되네용~! 내일도 우리에게 하고싶은말, 궁금한것들 많이 많이 준비해서 만나요! ^.^ 내일는 이거 우리 사진으로 만든 귀여운 니콘 퐈일에 싸인을 해서 당첨되신분들께 보내드릴 예정이에요!^.^

One more update under the cut~

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[UPDATED INFO/THE PARTY] The Party Dance Contest Mechanics, Win Php 10K in cash!


DANCE CONTEST TO ANYONE for everyone! Get a chance to WIN 10k in CASH!

20 % – Packaging / Costume and Appearance
30 % – Star Factor / Stage Presence
50 % – Audience Impact

Update*Due to Overflowing Applicants and Public Demand: THE PARTY Royals have changes. Wherever you may be, you now have a chance to join.
Competition Day is on MAY 29, 2011 … Venue still to be confirmed

20% – Overall Appearance (how badass you look onstage, dapat cool na cool )
30% – Stage Presence or Star Factor (like are you hiya or wow! parting party!)
50% – Audience Impact (kaya bring your entire barangay! hahaha )

* Basically what we are looking for are the BEST of the BEST.. and imagine, you’ll have that “edge” and you can say that you are “THE PARTY ROYALS!” and whatever we do, we’ll make sure you are our VIP ! :D

We will also be selling discounted tickets to THE PARTY on that day and will have a special promo with SMART ! So Get Ready! :D

Deadline for submission of entries : May 24 – 3pm

On Subject line: pls put “THE PARTY ROYALS”
in your message pls include:
Group Name
Individual Names
Contact Nos.
Relationship to each other

Do not forget to include Link/Video of your performance

Source: Happee Sy FB + Janine Villagracia via Live Mail

[NEWS] 2NE1’s Outfits for ‘Lonely’ Cost More Than the MV Production?


2NE1’s recent MV has been a success, but do you have any idea of the cost of their outfits?

The members of 2NE1 looked absolutely amazing with the sparkling jackets and wonderful dresses. Well they had to look like that since the outfits were worth 200,000,000 Won (around $200,000), while the production of the video costed only 150,000,000 Won. Continue reading