[GOODIE#57] 2NE1 2nd Fashion for “Lonely” (Reggae Ver.)

Last May 27,2011 YG on air has shown us another version of “Lonely” and just like “I Don’t Care,” it is a reggae version. It’s sound is so nice to hear with the percussion and bass mixed with other instruments. Teddy and E. knock (KUSH) are such geniuses when it comes to music.

Together with the reggae beat, their fashion should match their performance. Their style is really awesome, they even gave another side to these “Rick Owens” clothes which are more on monochromatic colors and asymmetric cuts that look more on punk side. But still, it delivers another look for the girls.

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[GOODIE#56] 2NE1 Disney Cartoon Look-a-Like

Minzy = Mulan (with round face, teary eyes and smokey make-up makes a resemblance)

Bom = Bambi “Thumpers Girlfriend”  (with cute & charming face with sexy alluring look makes them alike)

Dara = Winnie the Pooh (with charm and a smile on face makes this two alike)

CL = Princess “Princess & the Frog” (makes them resemble with that charm,eyes and the atmosphere that they shows)


credit: DC2NE1

[GOODIE # 48] Cinderella’s Sister’s Cyworld Background Music is…

Now we know why Minzy was saying goodnight to Cinderella’s sister earlier today! Actress Moon Geun Young of the said series has once again proven that she is a certified Blackjack!

SOURCE: Moon Geun Young (formychum) @ Cyworld

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[GOODIE#49] More of 2NE1 Fashion in Lonely MV

Everyone awaits 2NE1‘s “Lonely” MV since this song has no auto-tune and just the fresh and touching voice of the girls with harmonious, acoustic sound.  As the video is just out in a day, it reaches 575,825 views on Youtube. And also their fashion also gives us new style and look. I already posted the first article of 2NE1 lonely fashion which I based in their BTS on YG on air. And now I’m not surprised that they’re in BALMAIN again but how they match each clothes and find which of it fits them. Their song and styles really match, its more like a LONELY + PUNK ROCK STYLE = “lonely rocker sang a love song”.

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[GOODIE #37] What is the Plot for Bom’s Please Don’t Cry MV?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some Korean netizens are weaving their speculations as to what the plot for Park Bom’s solo song, Please Don’t Cry will be based on the teaser pictures alone. Check out the different stories after the jump!

[GOODIE#35] Heechul and his guests singing “Fire” on Young Street radioshow

Heechul (from Super Junior) hosts his own radio show and he has other celebrity guests on the show. On 15th April guests were  San-E and  Ye Won from Jewerly.

Uploaded: Athenejen @ YT