[GOODIE#43] 2NE1 Funky and Fierce Fashion for LONELY MV

Last May 6, 2011 YG on Air shows the behind-the-scenes of 2NE1‘s new MV “Lonely”. The girls fashion are so funky and fierce and still shows there girly side. 2NE1 fashion are not afraid to mix and match clothes especially designer clothes which makes them stand-out. Some of there clothes are worn by other members but still gives a new look who ever wears it.

know more of their style after the jump~~

For Mingkki’s red tank top is currently sold-out, it’s from Balmain. And some are not available via e-shop so I think they bought it at main store, since S. Korea is such a fashionable country. All clothes are available via net-a-porter, luisaviaroma, montaigne market, browns, matches fashion, farfetch and Balmain e-shop.

Please credit properly and don’t edit anything without permission.

Photo credit: As tagged
Written and capped by: iamrekushi@LP2NE1


5 thoughts on “[GOODIE#43] 2NE1 Funky and Fierce Fashion for LONELY MV

  1. I know it’s balmain… those jacket is my favorit but… I dont really like Bom’s clothes… n make up. make her look old.
    But d best from those above is Dara clothes.. combination of red vest n balenciaga handprinted shirt is really COOL!

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