Two dancing extraordinaires: Minji & Ok Jin


2NE1‘s residential dancing queen, Gong Minji, uploaded this picture of her and an elderly woman, hugging tightly, on her Me2Day on the 27th of October. She said, “With grandma ^^ Always holding me tight with both hands and telling me to become stronger; my grandma ♥” She also once said on a program, “Even though she’s not entirely healthy, she’s always loving and monitoring me.

Sweet isn’t it? But who is this old woman? She’s none other than Gong Ok Jin, Minji’s grandmother. Now, they may be years apart but they are very similar. Both were performers, and both were known for their dancing. Now, Minji’s grandmother’s dancing wasn’t as sexy and hot like Minji’s but it was famous nevertheless.

The name may not sound familiar to most of you readers, but this old gentle woman was once a traditional Korean dancer and was very famous in her time, especially for inventing the ‘lame dance’. However, it’s been 11 years since the senior’s last performance due to a stroke and an ongoing fight with problems of the brain. But it’s amazing to see this 78 year old taking care of her legacy so closely.

We wish the best of health to Gong Ok Jin and a best of luck to Minji and her career, may hers be as history making as her grandmother’s!