2NE1 – Dara for Taeyang’s MV?

My lovely source from Korea (myokoon) has given me some juicy news – Fans saw some staff and 2NE1 shooting at a Catholic church recently. In it,Sandara Park was wearing a wedding dress for the shoot. YB fans are speculating this is for Taeyang’s video because although Aimee did say she was at the end of the WUA video, she also stated she is not sure whether she will be in the rest of the music video (see her twitter here) . The other idea is that this is for Park Bom’s new solo music video.

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W Magazine Clear Version :)

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Pre-Debut Bommie :)

Our bommie is going to have her solo anytime next month huh? Are the pictures teasing you already? Well, for now let us see Bommie’s Pre Debut pics where she featured on a music video.

Can you tell what MV was this? :)

answer now!! hahaha.


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2ne1’s W Korea ORIGINAL


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Kush updates about the Album

Kush’s ‘The music that captured me’

Kush(Real name Kim Byunghoon, 25 yrs old) is a member of Stony Skunk with four full-length albums, and is an experienced musician. Right now he is active as an essential composer and producer in YG Entertainment along with Teddy. Kush, who’s only in his mid-twenties, has participated in many ‘popular’ singer’s song’s such as Gummy(’Sorry’ Lyrics-Composing), Taeyang(’Only Look at Me’ Lyrics-Composing done with Teddy), Um Junghwa(’DISCO’ Lyrics-Composing done with Teddy), Daesung(’Look at Me Gwisoon’, Composing done with G-Dragon), Bigbang’s Second Album, 2NE1’s First Mini Album etc. This straightforwardly proves that he has made his ‘brand name’ firm regardless of the quality of his songs. Kush, who’s working on 2NE1’s Second Mini Album that’s planning to be released in November day and night, answered all the questions while coughing and said, “Sorry. Because my days and nights are swapped up, I catch colds easily”.

we are working with the translations soon<3 IDK if it’s a MINI-ALBUM or an ALBUM. We still need to confirm it.

2NE1 goes gangster for W fashion spread

2NE1 goes gangster for W fashion spread

Girl group 2NE1 went gangster for a fashion spread in the November issue of W Korea, according to the magazine on Wednesday.

Each member donned different gangster styles — from Russian Mafia to Italian Mafia to Japanese motorcycle gangs — for the shoot aimed at expressing the low-end fashion as high-end, explained W.

A W official on set said 2NE1 had to have tattoos drawn onto them for about four hours before actually going into shoot.

A video of the photo shoot will also be posted on W Korea’s official website on October 26.

The four-member girl group, managed by Korean talent powerhouse YG Entertainment, has been a hit since their debut July with songs including “Fire” and “I Don’t Care.”

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Which idol group could make it in America?

Let me start this out by saying: As a Korean, I love 90% of the idol groups. I’ve learned to find the special qualities in each and every one of them. You can see that when you make it in Korea, you make it in Asia. That is called hallyu, the Korean wave. This is the idea of South Korean culture spreading throughout the world.

As a New Yorker, when I come across another Asian American, they usually know one or two Korean singers. Most of the time, they know more. But with all my Caucasian, Latino, African American, etc. friends, they have no clue who these Korean singers are. Don’t get me wrong, them knowing Korean idols would be even weirder than not knowing them but have you ever wondered which idols they would actually like?

I’ve introduced my friends to the Wonder Girls and the response wasn’t bad. Being surrounded by people who love to listen to rock, it’s hard to throw bubbly k-pop at their faces, but the catchy tunes do get stuck in peoples’ heads.

Getting a song stuck in someone’s head is easy. You don’t even have to like the song. Getting someone to like an artist, that’s hard. That person has to respect the artist’s songs, lyrics, personality, genre, and so much more.

If you are a frequent reader at allkpop, you probably know that the Wonder Girls have been trying hard to make it in America. They’ve toured with the Jonas Brothers, which is a huge deal and they are releasing their English album, but then what? Do the Wonder Girls have what it takes?

Let me break it down for you.

Idol singers from Korea can all do two things: sing and dance. Some are better than others, but they all have the basics down. But what qualities do they have, that could get them a place on the billboard chart? Let’s take a look.

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-They’re new but they’ve already had 2 number 1 songs.
-They can sing and dance. 
-They have two skilled rappers.
-They have a small amount of members which is less confusing for people in America.
-They have a Black Eyed Peas vibe.
-They sing hip-hop/pop music which is widely popular in America.
-Their song-writer is Teddy, he was offered to write for Lady GaGa.
Park Bom is pretty much fluent in English. Whereas CL seems to have no trouble with pronunciation when she raps.
-They have adorable looks and personalities.

-Not all of them speak English.
-They are so new, they still have to work a lot more in Korea to make a foundation before moving on.
-They don’t write their own songs. Yes, Teddy is like family to them but still, it’s not the girls composing.

Big Bang
-They are 5 cute guys. 
-They can sing, rap and dance.
-They sing hip hop music.
-They’re highly influenced by American music.
They G-Dragon writes their music. 

-As much as I love Big Bang, I’m going to be real here. G-Dragon could get made fun of in America for being “gay”. I hate that word more than anything and using it makes me cringe but it’s true. People are rude and have no problem judging others on the way they dress of style themselves. 
-None of them really speak English.
-There are more Asian woman-American guy couples than Asian guy-American women couples. This shows that Asian men don’t appeal to Americans as much yet. Boy idol groups rely on girls to drool over them, and in America, that may not be the case.