Me Plus You?

You might be wondering why I’m posting SES Eugene’s picture here. This is a 2ne1 site right? Let’s play a game between you and I. Does this picture remind you of one 2ne1 member who posed similarly as this actress does in her picture?

Can’t remember? Think again Blackjacks. I know you’re better than that. Still can’t remember? Well, the answer’s under the cut.

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Bom placed 2ND at Inki Yesterday!

Waaah! I didn’t know about this! I didn’t get to watch Inki yesterday. So sorry for the late update.

I found this at when I was browsing for Joonie pics. ROFL. Fangirl? hahaha. Anyway, eventhough Bom didn’t perform yesterday she still placed 2ND! Yay for Bommie! and Omo,  my Mir is dorky! Thanks to absolutemblaq for uploading this at youtube!


UNSEEN cute & mysterious Dara pics. & CLpics. BONUS*

SO we all love seeing unseen pictures right?, OMO. I love seeing unseen pictures especially if its worth looking at because it makes you wonder. keke. So, All of this unseen are only Dara. Of course unseen will be everywhere because she loves selcas right? Keke,.  Alrighty* another random post because there’s rarely any update. Thank you DC2ne1 for sharing these goodies. T.T and MORE UNDER THE CUT blackjacks <3.

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What CL & Minzy rocked on Inkigayo?

Thats not hard to believe!! They all rock all the time!!! hehehe Rocking the stage with “Please Don’t Go” for the first time on SBS Inkigayo, CL and Minzy rocked Betsey Johnson x Opening Ceremony, Ground Zero, and Jeremy Scott. The stylists of 2NE1 also modified some of their clothing.

Allkpop for the heads up!

CL Wore:

Minzy Wore:

Minzy also had a “dangerous” knife accesory on her vest which was perviously worn by G-Dragon and Lee Ji Ah.AHHH!!!!


Clothes & style same as 2ne1?

So, I’m back again with all this similar clothes & style of 2ne1 with other artists. YAYY!, I love seeing similarities between artists. totally coool. And there’s rarely updates from 2ne1 so I decided to post up another set of this. So here are the clothes & style I’m talking about. I love it <3. Thank you so much ne-people for all the great discoveries <3

First up is CL and Lee Hyori. So both has the similar tanktop with a lion imprinted right? Omo, I totally love this tanktop, especially how both CL & Lee Hyori has a great body. But let me ask, who do you think worked it better?
I think they’re are equal. Both worked it in their own style and they both fit the whole tanktop look. So I guess its equal. keke.

Second is Minzy & Gdragon. OMO, I find it very interesting to see this one. Different clothing, but same style. Minzy got the leggings with the same style as Gdragon’s Jacket. You can see the whole YG family connection right? totally awesome. And I love it because I’m both a Big Bang fan & also 2ne1 fan :D. yayyy!, but let me ask you, which one do you prefer though? Leggings or the jacket or both??

And lastly is CL & Sunmi from Wonder Girls. Omo, they have the same skirt with leggings. Totallly cute! I love it. Both worked it very well & fit the whole outfit they are wearing.Both make them look very cute & so stylish-much? yeah? keke.

Park Bom ‘You And I’ is the best online song for month of November

With Bom’s single You and I as Cyworld’s Song of the Month there’s no doubt her song would be the Song of the Month for other Online Music Portals like Dosirak for the month of November.

According to music portal site Dosirak on 29th November, the song is up #1 on the monthly chart for the month of November. In the cold late-Autumn winter, it seems that this song is just the right song for the mood and has received much love from music fans.

Read the rest of the results here. Thanks Sookyeong!

Funny, unseen short clip of 2ne1tv

OMO, its totally worth watching. I totally miss 2ne1tv. 2ne1tv=2ne1’s dorkiness & cuteness moments. I love this one. Bom & dara are such a cute unnies. First it was Tamtam who bom was bullying and now Tamtam’s owner is getting bullied. keke, Bommie is just too funny. I gotta love her. <3. Thank you so much for sharing this with us rkstlrl@youtube.

CL and Minzy’s Please Don’t Go perf. on Popular Song

Today’s performance is another great one. It was totally upbeat & their outfits is super fabulous. OMO, it was great discussing it on our chatbox. keke, even though it was only Wendy & I, so next time Blackjacks, lets all spazz together, shall we? I can’t wait for the next performance. Starting to learn some moves from the song. keke, Thanks dailykpopnews1@youtube for the fast and awesome video!

092911 CL’s ygfamily me2day update

Wah, its nice seeing yg family all together!. Its CL & Minzy, Taeyang, and jinu right? awww. cutee.
This is an awesome me2day update. Different hairstyle from Minzy, and still puffy pigtails for CL. Taeyang and Jinu is just plain handsome. omo <3. Taeyang-shi. wahhh SPAZZING & fangurlinggg*  Thank you CL for updating your me2day with an awesome picture :)