[GOODIE # 42] ‘Fire’ Cover

So cute :))

SOURCE: LovelyNamily @ DC2NE1
CREDIT: miameeya @ Youtube 


[GOODIE #18] 2NE1’s Fire on Pump it Up Fiesta!


Watch some awesome moves to the beat of 2ne1’s Fire!

Go Go Go after the jump!


|Cover| Secret covers Fire




What you think, how did they manage with it? :) I think they did a pretty good job, considering that they have usually a bit different style… xD


Cr: telle @ YGL

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|NEWS| Which Top 10 chart is 2NE1 on now?

2NE1’s official FB Page reports that the girls have hit the TOP 10 once again!
This time our ladies are #2 of the Top 10 PAID tracks on the popular iPhone game, Tap Tap Revenge 3.

The pack includes the songs Fire and Can’t Nobody.

I’d get their track myself if I just had a credit card >___< – renKa002

Source: 2NE1’s Official FB Page
Caps by renKa002@LP21

|ARTICLE| Fire and Can’t Nobody Available for Tap Tap Revenge!


YG Entertainment seems to be hitting the technology hard these days. After having released an app for the fierce girl group 2NE1 on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad, the group is now making yet another appearance on Apple devices through the highly popular game Tap Tap Revenge 3!

As revealed through the official 2NE1 Facebook page, two songs, “Fire” and “Can’t Nobody,” are now available for purchase on Tap Tap Revenge 3. The game itself is a free download for any compatible Apple device. The two 2NE1 songs come in a “track pack” which can be downloaded into the game for the low price of just $0.99! Once you’ve downloaded the game, just head over to the “Tap Tracks Store” to find 2NE1 and loads of other artists to add to your Tap Tap repertoire.

For those of you that don’t know, Tap Tap Revenge 3 is a game that is somewhat similar to the Dance Dance Revolution series. As you may have guess, however, instead of moving your feet in this game, you move your fingers! Although I do not have an Apple device, I find myself often swiping a friend’s iPhone so that I can play this particular game (and others)!

CREDIT/Taken from: Ningin


|Ranking/100530| 2NE1 on the list of popular artists!

Below is the list of artists who have became very popular a few days after their debut.

2NE1 is listed on #5 along with 2PM.

2 Super junior
3 BigBang
4 Wonder Girls
5 2pm , 2NE1
6 CNBlue
7 Shinee
8 SS501
9 F(X)
10 MBLaq
11 2AM
12 Kara , 4 minute
13 Beast
14 brow eye girl , ZE:A
15 Trax
16 IU
17 T-ara

Credits: the2ne1hour and Asian book (Z japan Special Thank)

|Pictures/100529| 2NE1 @ VMAJ (Perf Cuts)

There are more photos of their performance! Please visit our facebook page~ In this album.

Certainly there’s more later~ DOWNLOAD

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