[TWITTER/110530] Minzy wants a puppy and otters

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[TWITTER/110527] Minzy will watch a new show


내가 지켜보고있을겁니다!!!!ㅋㅋ이번주 인가 와서 나랑 아이컨텍 할 사람~^_^

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Friday 110527 23:05 KST

[TWITTER/110421] Mingkki filming for YAMAHA

(^O^)이야~날씨좋은 오늘같은날~!!^^ 무언가타기 딱 좋은날~ㅎ 촬영땜에 처음 타본 스쿠터!!ㅋㅋ 달려라 달려~언니이이이~달려!!ㅋ

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[TWITTER] Matured Minzy and her inspiring tweets


The weather remembers many things. Through the weather, memory of those times, even to down to the individual moments, the weather will tell you the stories through the wind. When it asks, “Don’t you remember that time?”, naturally memories of that time will come to mind. I’ve opened the window and the wind is blowing in. Minji-ya, do you remember? …


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[TWITTER] Mingkki Supports Big Bang + More Lotte World Photos

Original:이제 빅뱅컴백두,콘서트도 얼마안남았네요~!!감격ㅠㅠ누구집아들들이래~정말 멋져멋져ㅋ밍끼는 빅뱅빠닷~ㅋ갑자기 실감한 밍끼의 트윗질!B to the I to the G B to the ANG 밍끼밍끼~#


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