[TWITTER] Matured Minzy and her inspiring tweets


The weather remembers many things. Through the weather, memory of those times, even to down to the individual moments, the weather will tell you the stories through the wind. When it asks, “Don’t you remember that time?”, naturally memories of that time will come to mind. I’ve opened the window and the wind is blowing in. Minji-ya, do you remember? …


More updates from Minzy~


30 minutes by car include 10-minute walk. More than 10 minutes to see the world car to walk 30 minutes to enjoy looking good ^ _ ^ # sometimes enjoyed walking around this natural or communicating with strangers seems to be doing too funny.



The present that God gave us while we walk through life: In order to lean on one another, to give enlightment to one another, to share happiness between one another, to love one another, he gave us “friends”. If I can become a tool of God who can share these things with someone, then my life will truly have value.


Source: Minzy’s Twitter @(mingkki21)

Translation: Tweets4NE1

Capped by: iamrekushi@letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com



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