[NEWS] Yang Hyun Suk plans to make 2011 2NE1’s year


2NE1 debuted three years ago, but in my eyes, they still look like rookies. I think that’s synonymous to how they haven’t had that many activities or exposure through TV. Therefore, 2NE1 still has quite a bit to show. This year will be the year to settle it all.

The above statement was made by YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk, expressing his views on 2NE1’s impending return to the music industry.

Coming back with ‘Lonely’ eight months after dropping their first studio album, 2NE1 has been sweeping Korean music charts, even scoring a perfect all-kill in major charts in May. Continue reading

Greetings to YG: Happy Birthday PAPA YG!

Happy Birthday to Papa YG (Yang Hyun Seok) !
Today, December 2th is his 40th/41th birthday.

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|NEWS| Four Steps to Date 2NE1 Ladies

What does it take to date a 2NE1 member? Apparently there are 4 steps to pass for a man to date these beautiful ladies.

During the recent episode of  KBS 2TV Win Win, 2NE1 appeared as guests and stated, “We were prohibited to date for 5 years when we signed our contract. But thanks to CL, the 27-year olds (Korean age) Sandara Park and Park Bom only have to wait 3 years.”

However, it is not an easy task to date them as only ‘qualified’ men will pass the requirements. Leader CL said, “First, the boyfriend has to get his style checked by our stylist, as well as getting a physical. He then has to have a meeting with Se7en and other YG family members, that are mainly male. The last task is to have a meeting with the CEO, Yang HyunSuk, himself.”

Source: Keum Ara @mydaily.co.kr
Translation by: ch0sshi @kpoplive.com
Written by: rose1363@kpoplive.com

[100928]|NEWS| Yang Hyun Suk takes care of 2NE1 more than Big Bang?

n September 28th’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Win Win,” 2NE1 made their first guest appearance on a talk show.

During the show, the girls discussed about how Yang Hyun SukYG Entertainment’s CEO, takes care of 2NE1 more than Big Bang.

2NE1 revealed, “I don’t know if it’s because we’re females, but Yang Hyun Suk takes care of us more than Big Bang.

Although Yang Hyun Suk takes care of them more, the girls still revealed their difficulties they face with their boss. 2NE1 revealed, “The members of Big Bang get to call Yang Hyun Suk ‘hyung (older brother)’ and they have a comfortable relationship, while we only call Yang Hyun Suk ‘boss’ and we’ve only ate a meal with him once. It’s not like we’re uncomfortable, but we’re a bit scared.

Park Bom further added into the part about them being scared as she revealed a story of how she almost got intimidated by Yang Hyun Suk. She commented, “I once got punished from joking around with Yang Hyun Suk. … In the studio, I once greeted him with aegyo saying, ‘Hello,’ but he replied back, ‘What’s with the sudden aegyo!’

Yang Hyun Suk, who was joking around with Park Bom with his reply as well, seemed to have made Park Bom a bit scared with his aura filled with charisma.

Meanwhile, the girls of 2NE1 talked about various stories and episodes they faced through throughout their journey to stardom.

credits: maestro-J@AKP

|News/100913| Yang Hyun Suk(the head of YG entertainment who recently got married) cheers, “2NE1 Hwaiting”

From 2NE1 member’s mouth spills the episodes of making songs. WillIAm team up to Yang Hyun Suk Head’s happening. With their characteristic talk let’s see what interesting things took place.

#Fighting!(Yang Hyun Suk)
One morning as we were busy with preparing 3 title songs he whispered that word and ran away. At first I though I heard wrong! Guess even stern Headmaster(?) though our practice was harsh. Thanks to him that morning practice ended well. (CL)

#San-Dara (LA airport staff)
For WillIAm teamwork we were at the LA airport. A Filipino staff notices us right away with his distinct accent said “San-Dara”. He helped us with our luggage which were pretty heavy. He in a way treated us like superstars! Wow he actually remembered me (Sandara)

#”Almost Chaos”
Each performance was quite strong so after performing it was like Sauna level. Nonetheless lots of ideas from the members were applied so we feel proud. Most funniest preformance is “Clap Your Hands”. There’s a banch and we roll on it hang onto it it’s almost like chaos. (Minzy)
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