[NEWS] Filipino Artist, Chito Miranda, is a fan of Kpop! Guess which girl groups he likes

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For those of you not familiar with Chito Miranda, he is a well respected singer and songwriter in the Philippines. He is the lead singer of the band, Parokya ni Edgar.

Various fans on twitter have asked him what his favorite Kpop song/group are. Below is a cap of his answers (from lastest to oldest) and they  all have been constant…

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[NEWS] 2NE1’s songs are 2010′s Most Popular Ringtones

2010 brought a lot of great music and fans from around the world needed their K-pop fix outside of their car and stereo. Ringtones of today’s most popular K-Pop artists has been the growing trend. Nate recently released the top 30 most popular ringtones in 2010 from the year’s leading girl groups. 2NE1 landed at #1 with their hit “Go Away”, while miss A found success with “Bad Girl Good Girl” and Girls’ Generation rounded out the top 3 with their smash single “Oh!”. Check out the full top 30 list below.

2010 Most Popular Ringtones – Nate (Females artists only)

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|News| Comcast Xfinity- On Demand includes 2NE1’s MVs and more..

Good news to fellow Blackjacks and k-pop fans. Do you have Comcast as your TV cable operator?
If you do, check out on demand channel to watch MVs straight to your TV and no worries, its absolutely FREE.

Comcast is highly known and one of the reason is for having a channel “On Demand” providing shows, musics, movies, and etc.

Here’s a complete direction:

1. Go to channel 1 (On Demand channel)

2. Click down until you see “Music” then click it.

3. Click down until you see K-pop then click it
and there you’ll see plenty of K-pop MVs.

This offer is available until NOVEMBER 1, 2010, so go ahead and watch now!

Music videos included:

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|VIDEO| 2NE1 + various artists featured on MNETAmerica’s homepage!

Source: MNETAmerica.com
Re-uploaded by LetsPlay2NE1 in Youtube and Dailymotion!
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Love how much YG love is in this vid XD
Personally, I love how “trendsetters” was said when it showed CL from Fire Space Ver. ; D

Big thanks to admin, bigbangloverr for helping me convert the file!!! <3

|News/100827| High Cut – CL #1 Fashion Girl Group Idol

In today’s High Cut feature article listing its choice of 100 Beauty & Fashion Icons. CL is listed as #1 Fashion Girl Group Idol Member. With the leading vote of 37.5%, followed by Sohee with 31.5%, and Ga-in with 25%

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The MYX MAG – KPOP Edition will be available in magazine stores here, maybe by next week. And since, this issue is kinda about KPOP, many of you are interested because it’s not mainly about one artist you can order from us and buy one for you. Of course, this is open for fans who live abroad because Filipinos can always buy from a mall nearby, since it’s available NATIONWIDE. But for certain reasons, we can always open it  for Philippine residents as well (see FAQ).

There will be a kpop event at the SM Mall Of Asia,  June 9, 2010, 4 PM. And whoever attends that can have the issue before anyone else.

And since, I cannot attend that event. I shall have to wait till it hits the market. So the process will be this way, i’ll wait for it to be released and then buy just like anyone else. It’s no biggie since our target is the international fans out there.

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|NEWS/100601| Wonder Girls Mistaken as 2NE1?

On another segment on the June 1st episode, Yubin revealed two embarrassing moments of mistaken identities. The first embarrassing moment occurred when both Sohee & Yubin went out for food together. An eager fan requested an autograph from Sohee but totally ignored Yubin. She didn’t think much of it at the time but she later found out that the fan thought Yubin was actually the manager of the Wonder Girls! Hence the embarrassment.

The other embarrassing moment occurred at an unnamed Korean restaurant in America. The girls were just 4 members at the restaurant without Sunye, as she was busy with some other obligations. The girls were dressed fully in their Nobody outfits and makeup and a restaurant employee went up to the girls and asked them if they were 2NE1? The girls kindly replied that they weren’t. This same person then asked if they were the Brown Eyed Girls. The manager was angered by this and exclaimed that they were the Wonder Girls! The employee then responded with, “Oh! I know who you are… I like the Wonder Girls, I have Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) on my MP3 Player!” The girls were a bit confounded over the whole situation.

I think idols experience that often especially when they are overseas! Like Joonie mistaken as Rain? -ddochi


|News| Dream Concert will be no 2ne1

YG Entertainment artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, etc. will not be attending the 2010 Dream Concert.

On May 22nd, Bi, Lee Hyori, SNSD, Super Junior, 2PM, etc. will be making their appearances at the 2010 Dream Concert held at the World Cup Stadium in SangAmDong, Seoul. However you will be unable to meet Big Bang and 2NE1 on this stage.

Because Big Bang’s G-Dragon will be making a guest appearance at Flo-Rida’s concert in Korea, and 2NE1 have not had any particular activities so far this year, it has been decided that they will not attend Dream Concert.

One representative of the company hosting the event had reported to Newsen on the 12th, “This is only due to internal reasons at YG Entertainment, and there is no particularly large problem”. “Although we wanted to have stages with many different artists together, unfortunately these artists will be unable to attend.”

However these representatives are worried that people may be speculating too much into the situation. This representative added, “We’re upset that they could not attend.”

Meanwhile at the 2010 Dream Concert, fans will be able to see Wonder Girls, who will be making their comeback and SS501 after a long hiatus.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100512n22021
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com


It sucks that 2ne1 and Big Bang will not attend 2010 Dream Concert, but I know YG has a plan behind this. Hopefully an explosive variety show appearance, concert, and all right? Let’s just wait and see.He for sure knows how to tease us all. I’m expecting down rates for this post.

It sucks that 2ne1 and Big Bang will not attend 2010 Dream Concert, but I know YG has a plan behind this. Hopefully an explosive variety show appearance, concert, and all right? Let’s just wait and see.He for sure knows how to tease us all.

2ne1’s comeback is this MAY?

Here’s a rough translation shared by our great friend CL- the baddest female fansite <3
Edited a-little^^ Oops, forgot to mention. Thank you to Guest175 in our chatbox <3

Along with Se7en, SS501, Son Dambi, and the Wonder Girls.

Seven and SS501, 2NE1 is preparing a comeback in May.
3 years seven and a half to return to the domestic music industry at all in the style of new music and the fans waited a long time the West is expected to meet.

Since last year concert tour of Asia and the domestic activities of SS501 tteumhaetdeon May 1, depending on the group name for the new album balmaehal plans. Named to the 501-day regular two day a house or mini-album is scheduled to meet guknaepaen.

Here 2NE1, pominit geolgeurupdeuldo May and aims at comeback album, is gearing up to prepare.

Music industry official said, “In fact the languid section in April to force public opinion is that there is no need to stay hungry. Therefore, to prepare for a comeback in May to return most of their time coordinating agency,” said, “five months of this year than literally, the hottest eoneuhae Is war unfold, “he predicted.

via google translator


Stay tune for official translations and hopefully YG will release an officially statement of this!

2ne1 rocks #11 in the Top 25 Fan Clubs at Daum Cafe

1. TVXQ – 783805
2. Big Bang – 366398
3. Girls’ Generation – 297771
4. SS501 – 266442
5. 2PM – 264345
6. Super Junior – 248616
7. Shinhwa – 188821
8. SHINee – 116447
9. Wonder Girls – 109823
10. FT Island – 109585
11. 2NE1 – 96690
12. HOT – 75616
13. GOD – 72020
14. MBLAQ – 67417
15. BEAST – 64287
16. SES – 61319
17. 2AM – 57662
18. F(X) – 55682
19. Kara – 52849
20. Brown Eyed Girls – 44003
21. T-ara – 20210
22. 4Minute – 18854
23. After School – 14726
24. U-Kiss – 4936
25. HAM – 961

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