[GOODIE#35] Heechul and his guests singing “Fire” on Young Street radioshow

Heechul (from Super Junior) hosts his own radio show and he has other celebrity guests on the show. On 15th April guests were  San-E and  Ye Won from Jewerly.

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|Video| 2NE1 and other kpop artists promotes SBS Gayo- 12/29

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|News| 2NE1 wins 4 categories from Viewers Vote in MAMA

2NE1 has been nominated in several categories for this years’ MAMA. They are Best Female Group,
Best Dance Performance by a Female Group, Best Digital Single: (Park Bom)Best Music Video,
Song of the Year
and Artist of the Year. Everyone was so overwhelmed of how many categories 2NE1 has been nominated and now the time has come.  Blackjacks we did it! Out of 6, we had owned 4 categories.

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|PHOTOS/100609| MYXMAG Kpop Event Photos

Our resident graphics artist, renKa002  and one of our FB Admins, _lolliTOP, we’re able to witness the event held last June 9, 2010, 4PM at the SM Mall of Asia. They were able to get their own mag, which we will scan asap (don’t worry!).


More Photos Found HERE (Ukiss, 4 Minute, B2st, T-ara, Super Junior and many more)

Photos taken by – renKa002@letsplay2ne1



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The MYX MAG – KPOP Edition will be available in magazine stores here, maybe by next week. And since, this issue is kinda about KPOP, many of you are interested because it’s not mainly about one artist you can order from us and buy one for you. Of course, this is open for fans who live abroad because Filipinos can always buy from a mall nearby, since it’s available NATIONWIDE. But for certain reasons, we can always open it  for Philippine residents as well (see FAQ).

There will be a kpop event at the SM Mall Of Asia,  June 9, 2010, 4 PM. And whoever attends that can have the issue before anyone else.

And since, I cannot attend that event. I shall have to wait till it hits the market. So the process will be this way, i’ll wait for it to be released and then buy just like anyone else. It’s no biggie since our target is the international fans out there.

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|Pictures| Minzy prays for thailand~

Here’s a picture of our Minzy with other artists. This picture was shared through Siwon (member of Super Junior)’s official twitter account. I didn’t know our maknae is close with several other artists. That’s great to know though

Thanks Kara aka renKa002 & Nath aka Blackjacks9s for the tip <3

|News| Dream Concert will be no 2ne1

YG Entertainment artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, etc. will not be attending the 2010 Dream Concert.

On May 22nd, Bi, Lee Hyori, SNSD, Super Junior, 2PM, etc. will be making their appearances at the 2010 Dream Concert held at the World Cup Stadium in SangAmDong, Seoul. However you will be unable to meet Big Bang and 2NE1 on this stage.

Because Big Bang’s G-Dragon will be making a guest appearance at Flo-Rida’s concert in Korea, and 2NE1 have not had any particular activities so far this year, it has been decided that they will not attend Dream Concert.

One representative of the company hosting the event had reported to Newsen on the 12th, “This is only due to internal reasons at YG Entertainment, and there is no particularly large problem”. “Although we wanted to have stages with many different artists together, unfortunately these artists will be unable to attend.”

However these representatives are worried that people may be speculating too much into the situation. This representative added, “We’re upset that they could not attend.”

Meanwhile at the 2010 Dream Concert, fans will be able to see Wonder Girls, who will be making their comeback and SS501 after a long hiatus.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100512n22021
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com


It sucks that 2ne1 and Big Bang will not attend 2010 Dream Concert, but I know YG has a plan behind this. Hopefully an explosive variety show appearance, concert, and all right? Let’s just wait and see.He for sure knows how to tease us all. I’m expecting down rates for this post.

It sucks that 2ne1 and Big Bang will not attend 2010 Dream Concert, but I know YG has a plan behind this. Hopefully an explosive variety show appearance, concert, and all right? Let’s just wait and see.He for sure knows how to tease us all.

2ne1 rocks #11 in the Top 25 Fan Clubs at Daum Cafe

1. TVXQ – 783805
2. Big Bang – 366398
3. Girls’ Generation – 297771
4. SS501 – 266442
5. 2PM – 264345
6. Super Junior – 248616
7. Shinhwa – 188821
8. SHINee – 116447
9. Wonder Girls – 109823
10. FT Island – 109585
11. 2NE1 – 96690
12. HOT – 75616
13. GOD – 72020
14. MBLAQ – 67417
15. BEAST – 64287
16. SES – 61319
17. 2AM – 57662
18. F(X) – 55682
19. Kara – 52849
20. Brown Eyed Girls – 44003
21. T-ara – 20210
22. 4Minute – 18854
23. After School – 14726
24. U-Kiss – 4936
25. HAM – 961

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[VIDEOS] SUKIRA – EunTeuk Dancing to Please Don’t Go!

The picture above was taken last year when 2NE1 guested on Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio. But this video wasn’t taken that time. But Yesterday, when these gag men danced to CL and Minzy’s Please Don’t Go!

I was laughing so hard. I am an ELF too and I totally love these guys! They make me laugh all the time! Thanks to SuperTing18 for uploading it!

Who can beat me? I’m a BLACKJACK, VIP, ELF, HOTTEST, SHAWOL, 4NIA, PLAYGIRL, SONE, A+, BEAUTY, CNBLUE fan and a SECRET FAN. Whaaa, I forgot the others! Anyone beat my record? I’m a fan for almost all KPOP groups present!   ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2NE1 Gets Nominated for 2009 JPOPASIA Music Awards for BEST GIRL BAND!

Okay so here’s another nomination for 2NE1 that is for JPOP. I was like spazzing not just because 2NE1 is there but also YAMAPI! HaHaha. I ♥ HIM! Anyway, Bigbang and Gdragon got nominated too along with Super Junior, DBSK, SNSD and BoA. Let’s all anticipate this event!

저기 밑에Best overall Girlband에 보면 2ne1이있어요!

어떤시상식인지 잘은 모르겠는데 일단 있어서 퍼왔어요
혹시 이 시상식에 대한 정보를 가지고 있으신분 댓글달아주세요!ㅎ
정말 거대신인 2ne1인듯!!
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