[INFO] Vote for 2NE1 at Sport Chosun 2011 Musician Power Ranking!


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[NEWS] More of 2NE1’s Exclusive Interview in YG Building

2NE1 gives off a good sense of play when on stage. Is this the result of practice?

Our appearance is not usually like that. Normally, we are very quiet in nature, but when we go on stage, our playing comes out. It’s just natural that our repressed emotions come out when a potential chance comes.

What do you think about the fact that you are enjoying great popularity because of your skills and style?

It’s natural. But with only the four of us, we can’t achieve it. We got more popular because of our good music and refined styling. We get to be around and meet lots of people, including producers and stylists. They give us a good wrap.

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[INTERVIEW] An Exclusive Practice Studio Talk ‘2NE1 was created just like this’

The everyday lives of 2NE1 who are at the peak of their popularity are revealed for the first time. The members posing in the training gym. From the left, Gong Minji, Park Bom, Sandara Park, CL.


Their charisma dominates the stage, their toughness that refuses to be like princesses, electronic music that seizes your ears…..

These images rise up when you say the name 2NE1. In 2009, they met the public for the first time with ‘Lollipop’ and in just 2 years, they have become the idol world’s best girl group. During an era where it was typical to see girl groups like Girls Generation and Wonder Girls who are pretty and have nice bodies, 2NE1 appeared with a completely different image. They chose running shoes instead of high heels, and instead of clothes lined with lace, they wear hip hop pants and baseball caps, adding to their androgynous appeal. With the natural appearance they make on stage, they have stolen the hearts of not men, but females.  Continue reading