[INFO] 2NE1 and 2PM to Attend at the Samsung Electronics’ “Play Smart Music Festival”

At Samsung’s Play Smart Campaign launch last May 23, it was announced that an event called Play Smart Music Festival will be held alongside the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2011. A total of five (5) outdoor stages will be put up so that the festival goers can have plenty of choices and fully enjoy their Daegu experience. The layout of the stages are as follows:

Stage 1:  Analog music performances and Presentation of Daegu Culture & Arts

Stage 2: Indie Band performances and The different activities in Daegu

Stage 3: Electronic Rock Performance and Digital Performances

Stage 4: Large Media Art Show spread across the large buildings of downtown Daegu

Stage 5: Passionate and Smart performances by Top Artists

Moreover, It was said that the Play Smart Music Festival will be attended by representative top artists of Korea such as Rain, 2PM and 2NE1. 

2NE1 has worked with Samsung before. 2NE1 endorsed two popular Samsung phone models namely the Samsung Corby F and the Samsung Nori

The World Athletics Championship in Daegu will be held from August 27 to September 4, 2011


CREDIT: 내민지 @ DC2NE1


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|News| 2NE1 wins 4 categories from Viewers Vote in MAMA

2NE1 has been nominated in several categories for this years’ MAMA. They are Best Female Group,
Best Dance Performance by a Female Group, Best Digital Single: (Park Bom)Best Music Video,
Song of the Year
and Artist of the Year. Everyone was so overwhelmed of how many categories 2NE1 has been nominated and now the time has come.  Blackjacks we did it! Out of 6, we had owned 4 categories.

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|VIDEO| 2NE1 + various artists featured on MNETAmerica’s homepage!

Source: MNETAmerica.com
Re-uploaded by LetsPlay2NE1 in Youtube and Dailymotion!
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Love how much YG love is in this vid XD
Personally, I love how “trendsetters” was said when it showed CL from Fire Space Ver. ; D

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[NEWS] 2NE1 is coming back this APRIL??

Can’t even give out your business card nowdays? Well, that’s the complaint from all the album composers as they look at the entertainment industry for the month of April!

Why is that you ask? Popular artists such as Lee Hyori, Bi/Rain, 2PM, and 2NE1 are scheduled to come back this April. Who would want to make a comeback in all this chaos? No one. It seems that these artists have pushed their comebacks earlier in order to avoid the World Cup that will be taking place in June. Well, fans can’t complain about that now, can we?

We’ve been told that the 4 ladies of 2NE1 will release their album in April!

Black Jacks must have been disappointed when 2NE1 announced that they would neither release an album or have a solo concert last year. However, fans were not left completely deprived of 2NE1 thanks to the release of their singles “Please Don’t Go” and their most recent track “Try to Follow Me,” which helped them to grab their high rank amongst the battle of the girl groups.

They weren’t able to show their fierce and indestructible force as they did with “Fire” and “I Don’t Care” from their 1st mini album, but don’t worry! They’ll definitely come back with lots of fire, so everyone hold on tight!

Source: Nate News
Translations Credit: kimchi hana @ YGLadies.com
Do not change these two lines if taking out.

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MBLAQ’s Thunder wants to hook up his sister Dara with Rain!

Yes, you read the title right and no, we are not making this up! Sorry Blackjacks and Clouds!

I would have thought that the brother would be protective over his sister, regardless of who’s older but apparently, MBLAQ’s Thunder wants his sister Dara to date his producer Rain!

During a Newsen interview with MBLAQ, Thunder was asked, What did your sister, Sandara Park, say about MBLAQ’s performance?” To this question, he answered, “She complimented me saying that we’re getting better each performance.

Thunder also expressed his thankfulness towards his sister by stating, My sister keeps texting me, asking where I am. She also monitors my performances a lot.

Continuing on with Thunder’s individual interview, he was asked, Is there a person you would like to introduce your sister to? However, even before the reporter finished asking the question, MBLAQ members started to ramble off about who they thought was ‘right’.

In response to the reporter’s question, Thunder answered, “G.O.” At first, he replied with this response because he thought G.O’s humor would be perfect for Dara. However, he quickly changed his mind and replied, Come to think of it, Rain hyung would be better. As much as Rain is a top celebrity, I think he and Dara will match.


Park Siblings <3 Rain? He should pass YG’s test first. haha