[GOODIE#49] More of 2NE1 Fashion in Lonely MV

Everyone awaits 2NE1‘s “Lonely” MV since this song has no auto-tune and just the fresh and touching voice of the girls with harmonious, acoustic sound.  As the video is just out in a day, it reaches 575,825 views on Youtube. And also their fashion also gives us new style and look. I already posted the first article of 2NE1 lonely fashion which I based in their BTS on YG on air. And now I’m not surprised that they’re in BALMAIN again but how they match each clothes and find which of it fits them. Their song and styles really match, its more like a LONELY + PUNK ROCK STYLE = “lonely rocker sang a love song”.

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[TWITTER/110512] Minzy is LONELY!

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[Me2Day/110510] Dara updates!!

두근두근.. 새벽이되면 센치해지자나요.. 너무 론리한 달옹.. 지금껏 모범가수엿던 달옹.. 오늘밤 사고치나?! 에라~! 번호공개!!! 저 너무 론리해요! 하지만 너무 많은 남자분들이 대쉬해주시면 나 사장님한테 혼날거같아요!!! 어뚝해! 나 몰라요~! 휘리릭!ㅠㅠ

Trans: *heartbeat*.. Although it’s dawn, I can’t sleep.. Really lonely Dara.. Now I was a model singer.. Tonight’s incident?! Era~! Number released!!! I’m so lonely! But if too many men give it to me the boss!!! How can I! I don’t know~! *laughs*!ㅠㅠ

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[TWITTER/110508] Minzy shares a picture of her Parents!

original: 어버이날 chrome hearts Family ^^ 참…엄마랑 아빠는 크롬하츠 후드를 커플티로 입고다니신다. 이젠 매장을 나보다 더 가시는 것 같다…암튼 부럽고~ Young한 감각도 존경스럽다.  

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