[NEWS] Which girl group will dominate the charts this year?

The Chosun Ilbo compiled a list consisting of three tiers on which girl group will dominate the Korean charts this year: the strong, the middle, and the weakest. Their list was based off of music portal’s Bugs and KBS Music Bank’s annual top charts last year, and also took into account stage presence, fan loyalty, their capabilities, management, and a track record of all their performances.

The year 2010 was the year of girl groups. More than 23 girl groups made their debut last year to try and take the top position. The fight for that position will most likely intensify this coming year as groups like Dal Shabet and 5dolls are already making their presence known to the public.

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[NEWS] 2NE1’s songs are 2010′s Most Popular Ringtones

2010 brought a lot of great music and fans from around the world needed their K-pop fix outside of their car and stereo. Ringtones of today’s most popular K-Pop artists has been the growing trend. Nate recently released the top 30 most popular ringtones in 2010 from the year’s leading girl groups. 2NE1 landed at #1 with their hit “Go Away”, while miss A found success with “Bad Girl Good Girl” and Girls’ Generation rounded out the top 3 with their smash single “Oh!”. Check out the full top 30 list below.

2010 Most Popular Ringtones – Nate (Females artists only)

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|News| 2NE1 attending “The Asean Charming Festival Concert (50th MBC Concert)”

Good news to all the blackjacks in Bangkok, Thailand.
In the month of March, 2NE1 will be in your place.
Along with YG Family Artists, Big Bang and Se7en and other kpop artists.

Here’s the full details:

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|NEWS| 2NE1 & various artistes to perform at 12th Korea-China Music Festival


On December 2nd, SNSD and SHINee together with artists from Korea and China will be performing at the 12th Korea-China Music Festival in KBS Hall, Seoul.

The event is jointly organized by China’s CCTV and Republic of Korea’s KBS. The event was organized as part of the effort to promote cultural exchange between the two countries. Some of the Kpop artists who will be performing at the annual events besides SNSD are CN Blue, Kara, SHINee, 2NE1, Supreme Team, etc. 12th Korea-China Music Festival will be aired on KBS 1TV on December 12th


Credit: t.sina.com.cn/1750530224 || Sweetpotatodays

Edited: RoyalFuchsia@SMTownJjang

Source +  shared : Dkpopnews , ★Vannie반 니에

|News| Comcast Xfinity- On Demand includes 2NE1’s MVs and more..

Good news to fellow Blackjacks and k-pop fans. Do you have Comcast as your TV cable operator?
If you do, check out on demand channel to watch MVs straight to your TV and no worries, its absolutely FREE.

Comcast is highly known and one of the reason is for having a channel “On Demand” providing shows, musics, movies, and etc.

Here’s a complete direction:

1. Go to channel 1 (On Demand channel)

2. Click down until you see “Music” then click it.

3. Click down until you see K-pop then click it
and there you’ll see plenty of K-pop MVs.

This offer is available until NOVEMBER 1, 2010, so go ahead and watch now!

Music videos included:

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uploaded by jhainelyka

The MYX MAG – KPOP Edition will be available in magazine stores here, maybe by next week. And since, this issue is kinda about KPOP, many of you are interested because it’s not mainly about one artist you can order from us and buy one for you. Of course, this is open for fans who live abroad because Filipinos can always buy from a mall nearby, since it’s available NATIONWIDE. But for certain reasons, we can always open it  for Philippine residents as well (see FAQ).

There will be a kpop event at the SM Mall Of Asia,  June 9, 2010, 4 PM. And whoever attends that can have the issue before anyone else.

And since, I cannot attend that event. I shall have to wait till it hits the market. So the process will be this way, i’ll wait for it to be released and then buy just like anyone else. It’s no biggie since our target is the international fans out there.

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KARA’s appas knows CL and Minzy VERY WELL!

Recently in ‘Our father’ a MBC show featuring idol girl group, Kara with their appas (fathers), CL and Minzy had their special appearance. There was a game in the show guessing each idol’s name and which group they are in. Also other girl group members was featured such as, Hyuna of 4minute, Seohyun of SNSD, and more. The MCs of the shows are very suprised on how the appas are quickly telling who is on the picture. Of course, when it was the dongsaengs turn, CL and Minzy, the appas recognized them easily. Check out the video under the cut:

I love how  other idol’s appas knows our girls very well. I think my mom or my dad doesn’t know any of the 2ne1 members, but they will :) They’re on their way of knowing Big Bang members right now, How about your parents Blackjacks? keke^^

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[ADMIN POST] Advertise our PROJECT!

Since we really need to compile lots of messages, I hope you’ll help us ADVERTISE our project in different forums and sites. Many Many thanks to Kara, our future graphics artist for making the banners for us!

For forums:


For forums:


We would like to thank in advance the people who will help us advertise our project. We look forward to your messages too! Please join our project! Many thanks!

-letsplay2ne1 admins

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2ne1 takes 2nd place in GIRL GROUP RANKING!

Recently, tvN interviewed reporters to get these kind of information. Now that girl groups is dominating the kpop world because the amount of girl groups has been increasing, I guess that is why tvN decided to do this kind of news. Gladly, we can understand more about it with the information  jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net & itszmaeee provided. Categories included in the ranking are Income, Dancing Skills, Fashion Sense, Public Recognition, and Overall. 2ne1 was placed in 2nd for all the categories except “Overall”.  Some people were wondering how 2ne1 came second for the income when they are just rookies. If you look at Album Chart, they come second for most Album Sold that means so much income was given to YG Entertainment= 2ne1. Hopefully you all won’t wonder anymore. Look below for the full information.

1.Girl’s Generation
3.Brown Eyed Girls
5.Wonder Girls
6.After School

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