[INTERVIEW] Dara’s Me2Day Interview


Q1: Miss Sandara park, This is your first interview through Me2day right? Can you please greet us? ^^*
Hello~! ^.^ I’m 2NE1’s Fresh Vocals and Public Relations Officer, Dara!!! Me2day Interview! That’s Fresh!!!

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[INTERVIEW/110507] 2NE1 on their comeback, “A feel-good pressure.. first concert in August”

Girl group 2NE1 is now reaching their 3rd year after their debut this year. They are foreshadowing an extravagant comeback after having all 3 title songs place 1st on music ranking programs last year.


[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 Park Bom – DON’T CRY Interview, Exclusive Promotion video

First Part.
Hello MNet viewers. This is Park Bom. On the 21st of April, my digital single Don’t Cry was released. Please show a lot of support to it.

Second part.

It was produced by Teddy oppa. It’s an RnB song with a fast tempo. House beats were also used. If you listen to the start, you’ll hear a piano melody. I really like it (only until 0:37).

Uploaded by: OUMAE19
Translations by Yue of LP2NE1 

[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 on Bling Magazine April 2011 (Full)

They were like that from the beginning. Of course, even now they still are. There has never been this style of girl group, not now, possibly not ever. In a world filled with following the trend, these girls stay stubbornly original, strong in their positions. We met with 2NE1 who rushed back from Japan. Full Interview Under the Cut

[INTERVIEWS] Fashionista CL & Jeremy Scott- Harper’s BAAZAR

The ever-so-fashionable: CL & Jeremy Scott

Watching CL perform on stage makes one wonder, which star did this small girl come from. But inside a Chung Dam Dong studio, if considering ‘Out of this Universe’, someone even more out there, designer Jeremy Scott was watching her photo shoot with a similar feeling. His face showed a facial expression that of which you get when you face the Rocky Mountains or YungPuRau, and the magnificent nature Lake Baikal. “Wow, truly amazing. That charismatic eye make up down to the sharp line of her chin. Truly magnificent.”He continued to comment on his marvel. Probably, anyone else who were present on the scene watching CL’s charisma even outshine the bright flash of the camera would have responded the same way.
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[TRANSLATION] 2NE1’s BLING Magazine Interview


Part 1

The interview began when everyone had gathered outside, and then a blast of a siren’s ringing sounds. CL: (Turning around) What’s the meaning of this?  Today (March 15) Private broadcasting is set above training time.

CL: When the impact happened, I was so shocked. Thinking back on it is still very hard.

*It’s hard to think of Go Away. (2NE1 was getting ready to debut in Japan, but promotions were ended suddenly because of the earthquake, and they had to be rushed out of the country quickly.)*

Dara: I was very surprised. Until now, I still can’t believe it. I saw the damage that the other areas apart from Tokyo had. Although they had less (damage). I saw the news when I came back to Korea, and I trembled even more. It is all so sad.

Bom: But before that, we worked hard for our Japan debut, and we prepared really well for our first stage. It’s really unfortunate when I think about it. We can do overseas debut again later still, but, it is still so sad.

*You just finished a good round of domestic activities. And wow, a whopping three title track songs promotions.*

Dara: I think it was a good attempt at trying something new. I was satisfied even with trying it. But then we seemed to try three times harder than the others. We had to put in so much effort, but I am proud. Hahaha!

Bom: I’m not upset with our stages. If we did them by turns, we could have shown a bit more. Could have.

Minji: The time seemed to have passed by diligently, I think.

*One title seemed to have been difficult, so what about three, have you been practicing more on how to go about in the stage?*

Dara: We really don’t set time like it’s time for practice. Though it does occupy a huge part of our day. Besides, it just seems that way because 2NE1′s choreography changes a lot.

Minji: I’m always practicing our lines for our stage. So that it is more exciting when on stage already. I think it allows me to be more comfortable when singing my parts.

Are you prepared to go back on stage for a fairly long period?

CL: Yes, but at that time, we’ll make sure it’s the best. I feel like I already have a lot of ideas for costumes for our music videos and stage. I think that when we are getting ready, our hearts beat faster. Then we go on stage. And our spirit just rises. Hahaha!

So you jump right on top of the stage, exclaiming: Let’s play (NOLJA)?

Dara: We do that cry to help us become calmer on stage, I think. It’s like hypnotizing ourselves. I feel stronger, I feel better!

Bom: At those moments, I think like other people, and not as Park Bom. Park Bom would get too embarassed, and would not be able to sing properly. It was a lot of trouble when I was a trainee. When I was in a foreign country, I went to a training with a teacher to overcome that. Thanks to that help, the Park Bom on stage is not the same Park Bom off it, but rather shows a more passionate look there.

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[INTERVIEW] An Exclusive Practice Studio Talk ‘2NE1 was created just like this’

The everyday lives of 2NE1 who are at the peak of their popularity are revealed for the first time. The members posing in the training gym. From the left, Gong Minji, Park Bom, Sandara Park, CL.


Their charisma dominates the stage, their toughness that refuses to be like princesses, electronic music that seizes your ears…..

These images rise up when you say the name 2NE1. In 2009, they met the public for the first time with ‘Lollipop’ and in just 2 years, they have become the idol world’s best girl group. During an era where it was typical to see girl groups like Girls Generation and Wonder Girls who are pretty and have nice bodies, 2NE1 appeared with a completely different image. They chose running shoes instead of high heels, and instead of clothes lined with lace, they wear hip hop pants and baseball caps, adding to their androgynous appeal. With the natural appearance they make on stage, they have stolen the hearts of not men, but females.  Continue reading

[ARTICLE] Sandara Park, “I can’t still imagine myself as a big star”

A local newspaper in the Philippines, “Philippine Daily Inquirer” visited the set of Etude where Dara is filming a CF.

Philippine Daily Inquirer got the chance to interview Dara. Dara welcomed them warmly and said, “Mag Tagalog na lang tayo” (Let’s just speak in Tagalog).

Dara reflected, “So many things have changed.” I remembered the time when I was a ‘krung-krung’, I don’t know much, just acting “cute”, now its different. I’m with 2NE1 and I should not act like that. I am still the same Sandara that you have known. But I am more matured now.Continue reading

|Article/100825| Allure: Color Me Surprised & Interview

The knit one-piece is from Manoush.
GOLDEN EYES FACE: Apply a delicate pearl shimmer base, Golden Ratio Face Glam No. 2 to the forehead and the bridge of the nose giving a highlight effect. Apply a pink, orange colour – Golden Ratio Contour Maker No. 2 to the upper cheek diagonally to create blush. Lightly apply Golden Ratio Design Comte in a brown colour to the hairline to make the face look smaller.
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