|Me2day/101029| Hwang Ssa Bu: Who’s holding up this number 1 sign..?

고독한 자기관리 33판! ^^ Let’s go~

So who do you guys think this is??
I’m guessing its either Minzy or CL.. :)



|Twitter/100905| Hwang Ssa Bu: Minkki dancing to Se7en’s Digital Bounce

Se7en 따라하기!^^

Uploaded by: LP21the2nd

|Me2Day/100814| Hwang Ssa Bu: Maknae Minzy and their manager~

keke^^ OMO! Our maknae looks so fly~ and look at their adorable manager. That’s 2ne1’s manager =)
I think lots of people from YG loves to tease him. keke^^

Min G & Shrek!^^

|Me2Day/100814| Hwang Ssa Bu: Bommie Eating!

Thanks to aa-chan for the trans!

주말 다이어트 식사수칙 No1. 아침은 잘먹고 점심은 배불리 먹고 저녁은 소식 시간 만들어서 운동하기!^^

Weekend diet rule No1. Eat well in the morning and eat lunch when you’re hungry, creating time for exercise!^^

|Me2Day/100722| Hwang Ssa Bu’s updates

Is it our girls?

고독한 자기관리 20편! 누굴까요?

Self training 20! Who is it?

멀리 보이는 산달!^*

I see you, Sandara!^*

Source: Hwang Ssa Bu’s me2day

Translated by AA-Chan


|Me2day/100713| Hwang Ssa Bu: Minzy’s sexy back~

YG’s trainer, Hwang Ssa Bu who takes care of YG Family’s body updated with our maknae’s sexy back on the treadmill.

오늘의 추천 음식! 마늘= 마늘의 매운맛은 알리신 성분 때문이다. 이것이 살균작용을 하고 더불어 콜레스테롤 수치를 낮게 만들며 지방 분해를 촉진 캭 좋다!^^ 마늘이 많이든 음식은 향이 강하니깐 조심~

|Me2Day/100710-11| Dara + Hwang Ssa Bu

Hello~ Here are some me2day updates from Dara and Hwang Ssa Bu! Sorry they’re so late.

Thanks to aachan for the trans!

Here’s the most recent (100711):

연습하러 고고고~!!! ^^ 리다 씨에루와 말썽쟁이 우리 셋~! 힘든 연습이지만 즐겁다 ㅋㅋㅋ으히히히

Practice gogogo~!!! ^^ Leader CL and *not sure who* makes three~! Although it’s a difficult practice, it’s fun ㅋㅋㅋ Hehehe.

Check out the rest of the updates under the cut! :D

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|Me2day/100702| Hwang Ssa Bu: Cute Bommie and Minzy Maknae~

Bommie and Minzy is so cute. I think here is their response with Hwang Ssa Bu finding out Bom ate corn in L.A. Enjoy~

Thanks aa-chan for the trans!

바악봄!!! 불쌍한 연기 Good! 밍끼야 땡큐~

Bom!!! Pitiful performance Good! Minji, thank you~

|HwangSsaBu Me2day/100527| Minzy using the computer~

YG Family’s trainer updated recently with our maknae using the computer. I think Minzy is very close to Hwang Ssa Bu since she loves to stay fit and if you’ve watched 2ne1tv then for sure you know what I mean.

ㅋㅋㅋ밍키 컴퓨터 하는 자세 나빠요!!!^

ㅋㅋㅋ Minji’s posture at the computer is bad!!!^

Thanks aa_chan for the trans!