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[NEWS] Lee Hongki is a fan of Park Bom!

F.T Island’s lead singer Lee Hongki recently revealed on his twitter that he’s a fan of 2NE1’s Park Bom.

Yesterday, April 27th, Hongki tweeted the following message:

기분꿀꿀 박봄씨 you and i 들엇음 역시 박봄씨목소리좋음 팬임

“Feeling down. Listening to Park Bom’s “you and i”. Her vocal is good, I’m a fan.”

Netizens were amused by the comment and sent him links to Park Bom’s newest MV “Don’t Cry”.

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|News| 2NE1 wins 4 categories from Viewers Vote in MAMA

2NE1 has been nominated in several categories for this years’ MAMA. They are Best Female Group,
Best Dance Performance by a Female Group, Best Digital Single: (Park Bom)Best Music Video,
Song of the Year
and Artist of the Year. Everyone was so overwhelmed of how many categories 2NE1 has been nominated and now the time has come.  Blackjacks we did it! Out of 6, we had owned 4 categories.

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The MYX MAG – KPOP Edition will be available in magazine stores here, maybe by next week. And since, this issue is kinda about KPOP, many of you are interested because it’s not mainly about one artist you can order from us and buy one for you. Of course, this is open for fans who live abroad because Filipinos can always buy from a mall nearby, since it’s available NATIONWIDE. But for certain reasons, we can always open it  for Philippine residents as well (see FAQ).

There will be a kpop event at the SM Mall Of Asia,  June 9, 2010, 4 PM. And whoever attends that can have the issue before anyone else.

And since, I cannot attend that event. I shall have to wait till it hits the market. So the process will be this way, i’ll wait for it to be released and then buy just like anyone else. It’s no biggie since our target is the international fans out there.

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2ne1 rocks #11 in the Top 25 Fan Clubs at Daum Cafe

1. TVXQ – 783805
2. Big Bang – 366398
3. Girls’ Generation – 297771
4. SS501 – 266442
5. 2PM – 264345
6. Super Junior – 248616
7. Shinhwa – 188821
8. SHINee – 116447
9. Wonder Girls – 109823
10. FT Island – 109585
11. 2NE1 – 96690
12. HOT – 75616
13. GOD – 72020
14. MBLAQ – 67417
15. BEAST – 64287
16. SES – 61319
17. 2AM – 57662
18. F(X) – 55682
19. Kara – 52849
20. Brown Eyed Girls – 44003
21. T-ara – 20210
22. 4Minute – 18854
23. After School – 14726
24. U-Kiss – 4936
25. HAM – 961

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[GROUP/SONG REVIEW] I’m a Loner and Y, Why by CNBLUE

CNBLUE is probably the next rookie group to ever rock KPOP. I definitely love this group, because

  1. New genre  they created
  2. Amazingly good vocals and they play really well
  3. They don’t just look good but they are extremely talented – vocally

CNBLUE [Codename Blue] was an indie band that have  released 2 mini-albums before they officially debuted to KPOP. They are popular in Japan and now they are yet to dominate Korea.

New genre? Well last year mainstream KPOP was dominated with Autotune, bubblegum songs, GIRL GROUPS most especially and hiphop/funk music .  When these guys came to the scene they just were different from everyone that they made me like them.  Gaaah, I don’t know how to explain it but it was the similar feeling when 2NE1 came to the KPOP world. Breaking the cutesy girl group trend of 2008 and giving us the fierce and bad girl kind of image.

They have  4 amazingly good looking members.

FULL CREDIT to cookieremix @ CNBLUE official soompi thread

From left to right : Lee Jung Shin – Bass & Rap, Lee Jong Hyun Guitar and Vocal, Jung Yong Hwa– Leader, Vocal, Guitar and RapperKang MinhyukDrummer

Despite having Jung Yong Hwa (Shinwoo in YAB) to help them with their publicity you just can’t hide that the boys are equally talented in their very own way. But they said for themselves that they don’t want to dance and can’t imagine themselves dancing. Just like what the normal idol group these days.  Idk, but I think it’s better that way. No one can play an instrument that well either. They just want to be apart from everyone else imo.

Okay, on to the song review. This is for siaheer who requested us to comment on the song. Sorry but I have to introduce the group first. Haha. It wasn’t too hard for me though because I stalk them. *shy*

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FT Island HongKi parodies 2NE1 Sandara Park’s teary selca


Group FT Island’s member Lee HongKi has caused a topic amongst fans for doing a teary selca.

Recently on various online noticeboards, photos of HongKi doing what seems like a parody of 2NE1 Sandara Park’s teary selca has roused much attention from fans.

In the photos revealed, HongKi was seen attaching 2 strips of tissue and pretending to be crying, and he was also spotted with the palm tree hair which Sandara Park has worn for her mobile phone CF.

Netizens’ responses were, “He is like a character from manga. Really cute”, “HongKi’s expression is really awesome”, “How about taking a teary selca with Sandara together?” etc.

hongkicredits & thanks: sookyeong@Kbites

The last comment from netizens, they said how about a teary selca together?? omo, i’m anticipating on that. how about a collab with this concept haha. omo;; i’m so excited for it, so much imagination in my mind. and Minhwan will be there too; hehehe <3.

Power of girlgroups – taking up 8 spots out of 10 spots on top 10 chart


August is the month where the girlgroup effect can be seen to be the most powerful.

For top 10 on music charts for the 1st week of august, 8 songs are songs by girlgroups. For Mnet chart, for 1st week of August (3rd – 9th August) #1 goes to Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Abracadabra’, and #10 is also taken by Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Candy Man’.

KARA, who recently came back with their 2nd album, is at #2  and #7 with ‘Wanna’ and ‘Mister’.

T-ara and 2NE1 is at #5 and #6 with ‘Lies’ and ‘I Don’t Care’. The song ‘I Don’t Care’, released at the beginning of July, is still doing strong up music charts.

#9 goes to ‘Amoled’ a collaboration by Son DamBi and After School. and #8 goes to ‘NaengMyun’ by So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and Park MyungSoo. With that 8 spots out of the top 10 charts are from girlgroups.

The 2 other spots on the top 10 chart is by FT Island and MC Mong with ‘I Hope’ and ‘Indian Boy’ at #3 and #4.

090809~ 2NE1 at SBS Inkigayo;; PERFS.+ #1 in MusicChart + FT Island’s ROCK version of FIRE.

2ne1 dancing to last farewell

2NE1: I Don’t Care (R&B Remix.)

credits & thanks: prot0980@youtube

**DIGITAL CHART & FT Island’s Rock Version of Fire under the cuttt <3

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