|Videos| FILA: YG Family Concert 2010

Rehearsal clips

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Goodies of the day: 2ne1 “Go Korea” for FILA & Unseen CL Picture

Todays goodie of the day will be 2ne1’s picture for “Go Korea” Fila. They look cute with their different facial expressions. I love it! Also, an unseen picture of our C to the L during I Don’t Care photoshoot. Let me just say our baddest female do for sure looks amazing here. Thanks DC2ne1

2ne1’s UFO town FLY BOOK Vol.1 + Unseen pictures!

Our girls introducing the Fly Book of UFO Town.
You’ll enjoy this clip so much! You’ll see their silly and cute selves <3
Thanks aznpriincess25@youtube for the upload

and go under the cut for unseen pictures.

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Fila 2010 Collection

After we have shared to everyone scans of the Fila Magazine~ Now we will have pictures from the fila.co.kr website!   Visit YGSECRET21 for more goodies!

new 2ne1 FILA pics

Personally, I’ve been wanting to see new pictures from our girls so i was extra excited when i saw these. I always like the concept they have when they’re doing photoshoots for FILA. We get to see a lighter and more playful side of them from their usual Fierce/Gangster concepts so i wanna thank piLmiac @ soompi & nique_25 @ the YGL sbox for delighting us by sharing these goodies<3

Subbed Video Goodies! :D

So we have some new subbed videos up! ^^ The first is from a while back, in August, of 2NE1 at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards. They talk about their goals in the future, and the styles that they use. In a more recent one, the Fila interview on Entertainment Relay, they talk about Bom‘s pretty legs, and there’s also a 2PM mention, but they don’t go further about since I think they can’t really talk about any boys specifically. I do want to hear what they think about them though. Let’s hope they mention them some other time! :D

Edit: There’s also Family Outing‘s X-Files with Dara subbed! The hilarious video’s under the cut!

Check out the vids below and under the cut, many thanks to YGS21RoyalAceSubs @ youtube for subbing these videos! <3

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2ne1 BTS pics from FILA?

Fila is the first endorsement 2ne1 had contract with and hopefully they will always have this new things coming out because their clothes truly fit our girls. Wow, this a good treat right? having not that much updates recently. Hopefully there will be new stuff coming out. We will truly enjoy that!

yay!! hmm i’m not sure if all of these are for FILA though..but yeah..unseen pics are always a treat<3 so we are very thankful for 홍미현/2any1pop for sharing it with us

[yay my 1st post..xD i hope this works xD]

2NE1 Fila Sweat Shirts :)

Credit: Fila.co.kr + ishmelda@YGLadies.com

Where you can buy? http://promotion.auction.co.kr/promotion/MD/EventView.aspx?txtMD=024C49CB32