[ME2DAY/110520] Dara, “Start!”


Heol!!!! kekeke Start!!!^.^

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나 오늘 지금.. 음악감상중!!! 론리가 혼자 걸으면서 듣기 좋은곡인줄은 알고있었지만 이렇게 비오는날 드라이브 하면서 듣기도 이렇게 좋을줄이야!!!ㅠㅠ 200%몰입이되는게..내가 마치 이노래의 주인공같고.. 분위기 끝내죠요!!! 오..이런 마성의 론리..캬~!!!+.+

Translated by: ddochiRoo of LP2NE1
Source: Dara’s Me2day 


[PHOTOS] Dara on Me2day Talk

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[ME2DAY/110519] Dara shows us a cute Nikon folder and comics~!


내일 와이지 온에어 실시간 미투 두번째 시간~!!! 기대되네용~! 내일도 우리에게 하고싶은말, 궁금한것들 많이 많이 준비해서 만나요! ^.^ 내일는 이거 우리 사진으로 만든 귀여운 니콘 퐈일에 싸인을 해서 당첨되신분들께 보내드릴 예정이에요!^.^

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[GOODIE #53] Dara is Math and Physics Genius!


“Dara is really good in Math and Physics ..
she gets perfect scores in Physics even though she is busy ..
This picture was taken during her SCQ* days ..
Our Dara is really smart!! “

CREDIT: 이런남자 @ DC2NE1

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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”  – Henry Ford

– *SCQ: Star Circle Quest – The reality show that Dara entered wherein sho won 2nd Place when she was still living in the Philippines.
– This was not taken from the primary source. No primary source was indicated by 이런남자 from DC2NE1.

[ADMIN POST] Happy 2ND Anniversary 2NE1!!

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since they debuted! We Blackjacks are so proud of what they have achieved over the past 2 years! And we hope to see them grow as musicians/artists and get stronger in the years to come. Here is a list* of what 2NE1 has achieved for 2009-2010. Compiled by the LP2NE1 staffs! :))

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