[VIDEO] 2NE1’s Fashion is a Hot Topic in Japan!

The show talks about how 2NE1 ise admired as much for their fashion choices as they are for their music. It was said that unlike the tailor-made clothes usually worn by girl groups, 2NE1 wears clothes that can be bought in stores. 2NE1, despite not having debut in Japan still continues to be a hot topic and still manages to attract attention, not only for the music they make but also for the clothes they wear.

CREDIT: okaokaokaokaoaka @ Youtube
TRANSLATION:  asami_fsao @ LP2NE1 

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[VIDEOS/110520] Chinatsu Wakatsuki chooses 2NE1 over BigBang

*she’s one of the Japanese artist who loves Big Bang but she chooses 2NE1 for Top 3 Favorite Kpop Artist and even shocked fans that she’s a huge fan of the girls. She said they have great fashion and music. She even take picture with 2NE1 giving them a gift from her.

credits: okaokaokaokaokao@youtube + DC2NE1