[GOODIE#56] 2NE1 Disney Cartoon Look-a-Like

Minzy = Mulan (with round face, teary eyes and smokey make-up makes a resemblance)

Bom = Bambi “Thumpers Girlfriend”  (with cute & charming face with sexy alluring look makes them alike)

Dara = Winnie the Pooh (with charm and a smile on face makes this two alike)

CL = Princess “Princess & the Frog” (makes them resemble with that charm,eyes and the atmosphere that they shows)


credit: DC2NE1


[CAPS] 2NE1 “Lonely” & Park Bom “Don’t Cry” on Top 10 K-Chart (110527)

credit: DC2NE1

[ME2DAY/110527] Designer Ssan.. Adidas Blackjack shoes

짜쟌!!!내가 아디다스 가서 직접 만든 운동화에요!!!완젼 귀엽죠~?!?^.^보면 알겠지만 블랙잭 생각하면서 만들었어요!ㅋ캬~!디자이너 싼~의 첫작품!!!이거 하나밖에없는 신발인데 혼자신기 아깝네요ㅠ랙잭이와 커신~커플신발 하고싶은데 한번 고민해볼게용!+.+아이디어?!

Tags: 어제 단국대축제 짱 신나게 놀았어용 ! 오늘은 중앙대축제 ! 히히히 오늘도 좀 재밌겠는뒈에 ~???


Tada!!! Went to create my own ADIDAS!!! Totally cute, right~?!?^.^ If you see them, you’ll see why I made them for BlackJacks!ㅋ Kya~! Designer’s first ones!!! Not only these ones are awesome thoughㅠ With BlackJacks~ Want to make couple shoes, but!+.+ Ideas?!

source: 21dara@me2day

Thursday 110527 19:05 KST

Translation by: AA-CHAN