[GOODIE #54] Comedian Kim Gura is CL and Infinite’s Dong Woo is Bom!

This was done E Channel’s Wa Women.


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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”  – Henry Ford

[PHOTOS] CL’s debut photos with her family

Here are some photos of  CL (Lee Chaerin) with her family before she debut and became the leader of 2NE1. As we can see, CL and her family are very close to each other and even shows how they do well on arts, seems its their bonding time together.

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|PARODIES| SHINEE’s Key imitates CL!

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery… XDDD
Honestly, I’m not very familiar Shinee (sorry!) but I find this funny! – renKa002

Thanks to G1NGY of LP21 for the tip ; D

Video under the cut! Click here!

|Me2day/100702| Hwang Ssa Bu: Cute Bommie and Minzy Maknae~

Bommie and Minzy is so cute. I think here is their response with Hwang Ssa Bu finding out Bom ate corn in L.A. Enjoy~

Thanks aa-chan for the trans!

바악봄!!! 불쌍한 연기 Good! 밍끼야 땡큐~

Bom!!! Pitiful performance Good! Minji, thank you~

Thunder’s and Joon’s Kiss Parody~

We saw the preview of Lee Joon and Thunder’s Kiss Parody. Now we have the full parody. It’s just a small part of the song though. But I should say, the siblings really look a like!

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100117- A comedian parodies _________’s outfit

A known korean GAG Show has been done a lot of parody of either a dance, outfit, look, and etc. They mainly focus on what’s hot. So recently, I was searching up videos to post since there’s rarely any update and I happen to find to hilarious video. You can’t imagine how long I was laughing. Even now, I still laugh. They really did the parody really well.Check out under the cut to find out what got me laughing nonstop. Wait, let me give you all a hint. keke. At first, I thought they will be doing Dara‘s hair again since there’s a lump on his head, but I guess wrong.

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I Don’t Care Cover & Aimee Lee Lucas’ Interview.

So here are video goodies relating to our favorite girls, 2ne1. First up is a video of singer named Lyn who covered 2ne1’s I Don’t Care. It so good, very soothing so listen to it. Enjoy~thanks monmonsnowHD for the upload

And second up is a video of Aimee Lee Lucas, a choreographer of YG artists who was interviewed about her career and YGfamily related questions, yeah? Enjoy~ Also thanks to Aimee Lee Lucas for always updating us with interesting information about YGentertainment. We all love you :) & thanks kanauru for the video upload<3