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2NE1 and other stars attend Jeremy Scott’s party

Earlier, we reported that girl group 2NE1 would be performing at Jeremy Scott’s party.

The party was held on the 26th for an Adidas event at the Club Answer in Chungdam-dong, Seoul. 2NE1 and Jeremy Scott were both present and it seems like they had a fun night.

Minzy did not attend as she was underaged.

Other Korean stars who attended this event include Yang Seung Ho, Marco, T-Max’s Kim Joon, Seo In Young and Lee Chun Hee.

Check out the pictures HERE

credits to allkpop

2NE1 and 2PM to appear together for Corby F Family Festival!

Now paired up as AnyCall’s Corby F endorsement partners, 2NE1 and 2PM – or may I use their unofficial celebrity uni-name, 2:21 PM – will be hosting a family festival, where all users of the phone are invited to participate.

Not all applicants will be guaranteed for an access, as the passes are limited to 2 per person, and only 3,500 tickets will be given. The desired participants must apply at AnyCall’s official website, with the product registration number of his/her Corby F phone in hand – the lucky winners will be announced on April 19th.

The Anycall Corby F Family Festival with 2PM and 2NE1 will take place at the Olympics Fencing Stadium on April 24th at 7pm.

100227 Minzy and Dara’s me2day updates!

DARA’s me2day updates!

여긴 우리 신사옥 새연습실!!! 완전 좋아요~!^.^

Our new practice rooms!!! They’re totally awesome~!^.^

랙잭~ 메롱~!!!ㅋ

Black Jacks~ *sticks out tongue*~!!!ㅋ

MINZY’s me2day update!
Under the cut <3

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2NE1’s Minzy & Big Bang’s Seungri voted as kpop’s maknae idols

Popular fashion print CeCi magazine recently took a poll for kpop’s top maknae idols, and the YG Entertainment fam really took the cake with this one – the youngest members of 2NE1 & Big Bang, Minzy and Seungri, both topped the results with ample lead over their competition!

For this poll, Minzy was pitted against Sohee of the Wonder Girls, Jiyoung of Kara, Sohyun of 4minute, Seohyun of SNSD, Jiyeon of T-ara, UEE of After School and Krystal of f(x). Seungri beat out Dongho of U-Kiss, Taemin of SHINeeChansung of 2PMMir of MBLAQ,  Jinwoon of 2AM, Kyuhyun of Super Junior and Minhwan of FT Island.

Currently, the poll has closed for all but four contestants (who are all coincidentally SME artists) – SHINee’s Taemin, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SNSD’s Seohyun and f(x)’s Krystal are still in the competition to compete for second and third place.

credits to allkpop

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YG Entertainment opens up new Headquarters

Big Bang and 2NE1’s record label YG Entertainment opened up their brand new headquarters. As  reported in January, YGE decided to relocate to a custom-designed seven-story building near Han River, an upgrade from their previously rented office space.

YG Entertainment moved into their brand new building on February 3rd and the new place is 7 stories high and 1 story below ground.

credits to allkpop