[ARTICLE] 2NE1 is Popular Among Other Celebrities

Skull, who is releasing a new EP called “Korean Reggae” from a long hiatus recently tweeted that he likes 2NE1.

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He is regarded as one of the respected and noted reggae artists in Korea. He was also YG family! He was part of a reggae duo called Stony Skunk under YG Entertainment with none other than E. Knock (KUSH) who produced many of 2NE1’s songs such as Stay Together, I Don’t Care, In the Club, It Hurts, Clap Your Hands and Don’t Stop the Music.

More and more celebrities are showing their interest in 2NE1, especially to their new single, Lonely. Jay Park is on example. Not only did he tweet about it, he also claimed that the Korean music industry today is so dynamic, that any one who is not 2NE1 will have trouble surviving. He even sang part of Lonely in his recent fanmeet! Next up is Baek Chan of 8eight who praised not only 2NE1 but also the producer of the song, Teddy! Wang Biho (comedian Yoon Hyung Bin) also tweeted his confusion as to how 2NE1 can sing that song so well. And of course can we forget the ultimate fangirl Cinderella’s sister (actress Moon Geun Young) who has professed her love for 2NE1 multiple times, may it me through her Cyworld Mini Homepage background music, or through an interview. Even celebrities from different fields like the academe and sports show their support and admiration for these talented girls.

2NE1 has caught the attention of many celebrities not only in the entertainment world but also in other areas. Despite entering the music industry labeled as an Idol Group, 2NE1, much like their labelmates Big Bang, has defied the stereotype and went on to perform music that is not only loved by the general public, but also by critics and fellow artists. Let us hope that 2NE1 and the whole of YG Entertainment continue their focus on the quality and execution of the music they produce and release music that doesn’t only excite the mind but also touch the hearts of listeners the world over.

Meanwhile 2NE1 will perform Lonely at SBS Inkigayo on May 29th and release their next single on June 2nd.

TWEET CREDIT: skullriddim @ Twitter
SOURCE: YGlisa @ DC2NE1, LetsPlay2NE1 (Jay Park [1, 2], Baek Chan, Yoon Hyung Bin, Moon Geun Young [1, 2], Professor Jeong Jaeseung, Gymnast Son Yeon Jae)

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3 thoughts on “[ARTICLE] 2NE1 is Popular Among Other Celebrities

  1. They are the best!!^^ You show them how much do you love them and keep going!When I see that all photos of 2NE1 I just say in my self ”OMG,I just can’t look that beauty” And I close the photos…Really.I love you blackjacks and 2NE1,and I am so proud becouse I am blackjack..^^ It’s amazing,when I am blackjack I feel like and queen..2NE1 Please come to Croatia!

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