[NEWS/110526] 2NE1 to perform reggae version of “Lonely” on “YG ON AIR” this week

“YG ON AIR” is YG Entertainment’s latest promoting tool for their artists. This enables their artists to not only be more comfortable in their environment, but provides less stress to get ready for a performance. As many may know, for an artist to get ready for a music show, it takes an entire day of makeup, rehearsal, and finally actually performing at the end of the day.

The featured performance of “YG ON AIR” first episode was the1st ever live performance of Park Bom singing “Don’t Cry.” The second episode revealed the music video set for 2NE1’s “Lonely”, while the third episode showed Park Bom performing the unplugged version of “Don’t Cry.” On the fourth episode, 2NE1 performed “Lonely” for fans on “YG ON AIR” for the first time, allowing fans to hear the girls’ raw voices.

The next episode of “YG ON AIR” will be broadcast this week on Friday, May 27th at 6:05PM KST and will feature 2NE1 performing a live session reggae version of “Lonely.” In addition, clips from Big Bang’s Nagoya stop from their tour “Love & Hope 2011” in Japan will be revealed.

Will you catch this week’s “YG ON AIR” episode?

Source: 2NE1

Credit: Koreaboo

2 thoughts on “[NEWS/110526] 2NE1 to perform reggae version of “Lonely” on “YG ON AIR” this week

  1. Noooooooooo, my lonely cover contest is a reggae version T_T
    Now everybody will say i did the same of that ouiiiinnnnn!!!!
    I must modifie my contest…. Soooo sad :(
    STOP new version now :D pleeease

  2. Owh.. I thought they’re gonna show the behind the scenes of their new single.. HHEHE
    I can’t wait ~ Reggae version of Lonely ~

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