[FEATURED ON LP21] Big21 Fashion Fever – Contagious Creative Fashion Competition

Contact : Fatin Said

E-mail : fatindabomb@big21fashion.com

Website : www.big21fashion.com


Big21 Fashion Fever – Contagious Creative Fashion Competition

BIG21 FASHION EVOLUTION is about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary coming May 25th, 2011. In order to commemorate this special event, Big21 Fashion Evolution have decided to organize a worldwide online fashion competition to the growing community of Big Bang and 2NE1 (Korea’s high ranking boy and girl group from the same company – YG Entertainment) fashion lovers, Big21 Fashion Fever. In addition, finalists will be walking away with prizes worth up to USD$300.

The rules of the competition are simple and they are attached with the Press Release. All participants will be judge by the public in the first round in which the top 12 finalists will continue on in the second round. Amongst the 12, the winner will be judge by an outsource party to avoid any bias judgments.10 finalist will also be winning Big Bang Big Show Clear Files each while the top 2 prizes are as follows:-

Grand prize : 2NE1 Military Jacket, SeungRi White Gold VVIP Necklace and Big Bang for UNIQLO T-shirt

1st Runner-Up : 2NE1 Original Classic Poker Hoodie and Big Bang Big Show Can Button

The competition will last until July 20th, 2011. However, the first round of the competition will end on June 15th, 2011.

The Rules and Regulations

  1. E-mail/Create an online scrapbook i.e. Blogs, Youtube, Polyvore, Looklet, Tumblr etc. Create a fashion post in online scrapbook by starting the tile with Big21 Fashion Fever – your own title i.e. Big21 Fashion Fever – CL Rocks!!! and together e-mail the details below to admin@big21fashion.com.
  2. 1 entry is entitled to 1 featured post in Big21 Fashion Evolution website. The participants’ posts can be updated as long as the participants constantly e-mail their updated URL/URLs to admin@big21fashion.com. Participants can send more than 1 online scrapbook URLs i.e. personal blog URL, Youtube channel URL, Polyvore URL etc.
  3. Once the post is published, promote and get as many people to Like (Facebook), Retweet (Twitter), Reblog (Tumblr) and even leave comments. 12 participants with the most responses advance to the Last Round.
  4. 12 finalists will need to submit a creation of your own fashion posts inspired by Big Bang and 2NE1, not exact twin but inspired look.
  5. The finalists will be judge by an outsource party to avoid any bias judgements.

Regular Q&A

  1. 1.       Can 1 participant submit more than post?

Each participant is entitled to 1 post featured in Big21 Fashion Evolution website. That post can constantly be updated with new entries as long as participants submit to the admin a notice as well as the updated URLs. Their 1 post may contain more than 1 design/inspiration.

  1.  How will the top 12 finalist be chosen?

The 12 participants with the most responses which includes number of comments by the public (no spamming), like in Facebook, retweets in Twitter and reblog in Tumblr will be chosen to the final round. Unique responses are calculated meaning only if participant received 2 or more responses from the same person, it shall not be accumulated into the amount of responses.

  1. What criteria needed for the 12 finalists?

Final round finalists must create a look (it can be their own design or styling) that was inspired by 2NE1. Looks must be 100% original and not carbon copy of Big Bang/2NE1.

For more info visit: http://www.big21fashion.com/2011/05/fashion-evolution-competition-big21.html

Are you creative enough? Then I guess you should join and win their prices!


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