[ARTICLE] So What’s So Special about YG on Air?

When YG on Air was first launched, YG Entertainment explained that the reason for producing their own webcast is that they want a creative medium for their artists without the limitations of Korean broadcasting. And as promised, they delivered not only special performances from YG artists, they also gave fans a look into what goes on within YG Entertainment.

And it will be nice to know that YG Entertainment is not holding back with YG on Air. Hawk-eyed netizens recently discovered the price of the microphones used during the special performances of 2NE1’s Lonely and Park Bom’s Don’t Cry during the past episodes of YG on Air. Now what would be so important about microphones? You see microphones may make or break a performance. We have all heard about those low quality sound systems that make talented singers sound awful, and YG Entertainment made sure that that doesn’t happen. According to Naver Shopping, The microphones used (there were several) cost a whopping 5,568,000KRW each! That’s 5,133.22USD!

The accompanying band are not your ordinary sessionists as well! On, Park Bom’s Don’t Cry performance from Episode 3,  some of Korea’s best instrumentalists came to accompany Park Bom’s powerful voice and in turn also 2NE1 recent Lonely performance. We’ve got Kang Soo Ho, considered the best drum sessionist in Korea with a degree from the American Music Institute. The bassist for this session was Lee Tae Yoon, one of the founding members of Boohwal which unarguably is one of the most respected rock bands in Korea. Guitarist Ham Choo Ho wass also part of this group, who is regarded as the best guitar sessionist as well. On piano was Choi Tae Wan, founding member of Five Fingers which is veteran Jazz/RnB band in Korea. With big names like this, the YG on Air in-house band became complete. And you know something is good when the sessionists themselves are having fun playing it!

With this, we conclude that YG on Air is indeed something special. It is not an overnight idea. It was planned and created so that the fans of YG Entertainment artists can have a one-of-a-kind experience . They can see how their idols behave behind the scenes. But it is also a place where YG artists can freely communicate to their fans. This is a place where they can share without being constrained by the four sides of the small box that is the Korean Broadcasting system. It’s a win-win situation for both the fans and the company.

THAT is what’s special about YG on Air.

CREDIT: 찰고구마 @ DC2NE1, Naver Shopping, YG on Air (1, 2, 3, 4), What is YG on Air , KRW to USD converter

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