[VIDEO] 2NE1 featured in The Wrap (Translated)

…album and they have a pleasant surprise for their fans.

Here’s Dara and the rest of 2NE1 on our Asian Bites —–* .

2NE1 give their fans a taste from their latest album. Before the highly anticipated comeback album of the hottest Kpop girl band today, they have already release an explosive single as a gift to their fans… Called** Lonely.

(clips from Lonely)

And these girls also have surprised the whole Kpop scene, because although they have hip hop dance tracks like their previous hits, their first single for 2011 is a ballad featuring the natural vocal talent of CL, Bom, Minzy and Dara.

This proves that 2NE1 sets the trend and they are not scared to experiment with their music style.

And as expected, “Lonely” is an instant hit to fans of Kpop. It had right away held a high position in Hit Charts of Music Websites and the music video of Lonely have reached 2 million views on YouTube only after a few days.

This also became “The Most Popular” Video in France, Argentina, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan, and, of course, here in the Philippines.

And for Pinoy Blackjacks, it’s not just the new album of the group you should anticipate for this June. 2NE1 will come to have their first concert here in the country.


0:19-0:47 2NE1, back on top with their new music video, Lonely.

0:48 – Blackjacks were glad/happy/amused with 2NE1’s new look and new sound

1:14 – “Lonely” MV Achieves most popular on Youtube in 10 different countries. \\ “Lonely” has reached 2M view on youtube right away.

1:38 – 2NE1 to come to the Philippines this June.

* I can’t hear the segment’s title clearly
** ito ang – means This is but I chose to translate it

Source: Translations by renKa002 of LetsPlay2NE1

Thank you for the tip dKPOPfreak!

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