[INTERVIEW] Dara’s Me2Day Interview


Q1: Miss Sandara park, This is your first interview through Me2day right? Can you please greet us? ^^*
Hello~! ^.^ I’m 2NE1’s Fresh Vocals and Public Relations Officer, Dara!!! Me2day Interview! That’s Fresh!!!

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Q2: Did you have a good weekend? The weather today is so nice~ what do you plan to do today?
Yes! The weather these days is really nice! The weather today is especially nice and I’m giving a short lecture! I’m still nervous… ^^;; Uhm.. Now I am going to the dorm with the members to celebrate Miss CL’s Coming of Age!

Q3: 2NE1 has been awesome!The reaction to the song ‘Lonely’ was very hot. As the Public Relations Manager please give us a brief description of the song.
Lonley… Kya! It’s really brilliant! When I first heard the recording… after hearing the first line, It broke my heart and tears fell. With this, we have shown a different music style.

The lyrics and melody seems like it is the same as feelings from the hearts of many people.. And it features the individual voices of the members! Kya~! How can you explain the meaning of  this good song… ㅠ.ㅠ kya~~~!!!

Q4: Whenever 2NE1 makes a comeback, you sweep various music charts and music programs~ What is your secret?
It’s music!!! I’d like to give thanks to Teddy oppa who always gives us good songs! And!!! And the song dissolves the talented members’ beautiful voices~? ke

And of course we wouldn’t be here without them! Our 2NE1 fans! Blackjack! And always, our music. I’d like to say thanks to everyone who gave us love! (__)

Q5: Whenever you comeback, the topic always becomes fashion and hairstyles. What is the concept this time?
This time the members have become a lot more interested when it came to the fashion and hairstyles. And together with the stylists we became part of many issues! Four more songs left to release??? hehe

Every time a new song comes out, that song has a cool new look.. I’m ready!!! Now I can’t say the secret!!! ^.^; Please wait a  little more~~~

CREDIT: CLovely @ DC2NE1

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