[ME2DAY/110515] Dara: “Is ‘Lonely’ finally on iTunes?!?”

Original message: 

박부장이 떳다!!! ^.^ 오늘의 주요늬우스~!!!ㅋ 허걱! 아이튠스에도 드디어 론리가 나왔다규?!?꺅~! 가봐야지! +.+ 뭐라고?!?우리의 아가린이 성인이된다규? ㅠㅠ 내일은 성년의날.. 굿바이 아가린?! 오호!! 몇일뒤면 투애니원 데뷔 2주년! ^0^ 등등입니다ㅋ

In English:

Public Relations!!! ^.^ Today’s~!!!ㅋ Empty! Is ‘Lonely’ finally on iTunes?!? Kkyak~! Go see it! +.+ Eh?!? Our dear Rin? ㅠㅠ Tomorrow is ‘Coming of Age’ day.. Goodbye, baby Rin?! Oh ho!! Someday at 2NE1′s two year anniversary! ^0^ Etcㅋ

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by AA-CHAN


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