[NEWS] YG’s Yang Hyun Suk reveals why 2NE1 will not promote “Lonely”

After 2NE1 scored an instant ‘all-kill’ on online music charts with the release of their newest track,“Lonely”, many of their fans began to wonder whether they would be able to watch the group perform their soothing ballad track live on music and public music show programs, despite CEO Yang Hyun Suk stating they would not be performing on public TV programs.

However, it has been re-confirmed by Yang Hyun Suk himself that he will remain true to his word – 2NE1 will not be standing on stage to undergo active promotions for the song.

As a replacement, however, 2NE1 are set to recreate and perform modified versions of the song through YG’s online show, “YG ON AIR“.

Yang Hyun Suk stated, “This is my own personal opinion, but it’s a bit sad that for the past ten years, talented singers have been restricted to the exact same stage, exact same camera angles, and exact same format to perform their songs. This method doesn’t allow for each of the artists to fully express their true talents and music.”

“A solution to this problem lies behind the popularity of shows like ‘I Am a Singer‘. In contrast to popular music programs, ‘I Am a Singer’ utilizes unique stages and top-class sound systems, which make not only singers, but also fans, to focus solely on the music, and thus making it a more enjoyable show to watch.”

He continued, “Because of these reasons, 2NE1 will not be standing on stage of music programs for their song ‘Lonely’, just like how Park Bom didn’t perform ‘Don’t Cry‘. Instead, 2NE1 will be revealing a different version of ‘Lonely’ every Friday night on ‘YG ON AIR’.”

“Through ‘YG ON AIR’, 2NE1 will be doing performances in whatever style they like it to be, made to their hearts’ content. Fans who come to watch ‘YG ON AIR’ for 2NE1’s performances will surely be able to focus purely on the group’s music.”

The CEO concluded, “2NE1 will need to perform title tracks on music programs, but we’re only thinking of one performance a week for the time being.”

Source: Star News via Nate

Credit: V ITALWARNING@Allkpop

2 thoughts on “[NEWS] YG’s Yang Hyun Suk reveals why 2NE1 will not promote “Lonely”

  1. I can’t wait to see different versions of Lonely! Acoustic, Orchestra, Rock, Electronica….

    YG really wants to share music more than he wants to get the money. He’s even spending to produce YG On Air without profit because it’s a webcast and therefore there are no ads to fund it and no payment needed for fans FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD to watch it. I think he is a musician before he is a businessman.

    I think he’s awesome. :D

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