[NEWS] 2NE1’s Youtube Honors after Less than 12 Hours!

Less than 12 hours after it’s release, 2NE1’s Digital Single Lonely has garnered over one hundred thousand views on Youtube and has shot up in Korean music charts like Melon.

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Lonely has satisfied the taste buds of Blackjacks all over the world and has gained the respect of many more. It veered away from the trend in Kpop Idol songs by omitting auto-tune and digital recording. It is said to have been analog recorded, meaning that real instruments were used to create the track instead of the usual digital mixes that admittedly were staples in 2NE1’s previous songs. Despite releasing a ballad, 2NE1 still maintained a unique image by staying true to their androgynous and funky wardrobe.

2NE1 manages to capture the hearts of its fans once more by singing about being lonely despite being in a relationship. Fans all from all over, despite not being to understand the lyrics, can relate through the emotional manner of 2NE1’s singing. Every once of hurt was felt through the strings of the guitar and the lovelorn voices of the members. The harmonies did wonders to express the feeling of unity between the different voices of the members.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out below!

2NE1’s next single will be released on June 2nd and is promised to be something that the members will be able to perform to! Keep updated on 2NE1 by visiting LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com!

SOURCE: 2NE1 @ Youtube

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