[INTERVIEW/110511] Teddy on 2NE1 and the Kpop Syndrome!

  YG Entertainment’s famous producer Teddy recently expressed why he thinks the “KPop Syndrome” is taking the world by storm.

Teddy is probably one of the most well-known producers in Korea, having produced popular hits such as Taeyang’s “Look Only At Me,” Uhm Junghwa’s “D.I.S.C.O,” Big Bang’s “Sunset Glow,” and many of Big Bang & 2NE1’s songs such as “Lollipop.”

This year marks Teddy’s 12th year since he began producing and as both a producer and a musician (Teddy was a member of YG’s hip hop group 1TYM), there is no doubt that he has significantly influenced the KPop wave. The songs that he produced for 2NE1 are extremely popular in foreign countries such as France, Mexico and Brazil.

Teddy recently sat down for an interview with Star News Asia in which

he described the “2NE1 Syndrome” in regions such as Europe an obvious result” and stated that KPop has a unique charm.

Teddy believes that the “KPop Syndrome” is so popular because KPop mixes elements of Western and Eastern music to produce a new, charming song. He stated, “I’ve recently been told that 2NE1’s music is popular in Mexico and Brazil. People are always amazed at which country these songs come from.”

It is natural for foreigners to like KPop. Since childhood, foreigners become accustomed to the Western style of music and see familiar artists, while KPop brings a new flavor that they have never heard before. Teddy said, “In terms of 2NE1, the powerful and trendy mixed with their oriental looks brings a new and unique atmosphere.”

When asked which group is the most concentrated and determined, Teddy answered with 2NE1. He described them as “4 very good singers” and “No matter what I tell them to do, they will always come back with a result.”

Teddy is currently collaborating with Black Eyed Pea’s leader, will.i.am, and has been drawing attention for his work both domestically and internationally. Recently, he produced GD & TOP’s album and all of 2NE1’s releases.

SOURCE: Star News via Nate News
CREDIT: junchan @ Koreaboo

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