[CHART] 2NE1 is No. 1 on 9 Different Charts!

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9 Different charts all agree on one thing. 2NE1 is EPIC.

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[ARTICLE/CAPS] 2NE1, Lonely reaches 600K views in less than a day

It’s a WOW! 2NE1 girls are AMAZING! Their song Lonely is just out in less than a day it reaches 600,000+ views via youtube.  2NE1 never fail us to wait for them and see something new. As 2NE1 songs for their comeback are energetic, club, bass drop and funky, by this time its more harmonious, light, acoustic, touching and mature sound and song. I can’t wait for the other songs to unveil and listen to it as this girls are great. They’re really surpass the “Idol” stage and  became the “Artist” that they really are.

Source: 2NE1 Official Youtube Channel

Capped & Writtenby: iamrekushi@LP21

[GOODIE # 48] Cinderella’s Sister’s Cyworld Background Music is…

Now we know why Minzy was saying goodnight to Cinderella’s sister earlier today! Actress Moon Geun Young of the said series has once again proven that she is a certified Blackjack!

SOURCE: Moon Geun Young (formychum) @ Cyworld

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[GOODIE#49] More of 2NE1 Fashion in Lonely MV

Everyone awaits 2NE1‘s “Lonely” MV since this song has no auto-tune and just the fresh and touching voice of the girls with harmonious, acoustic sound.  As the video is just out in a day, it reaches 575,825 views on Youtube. And also their fashion also gives us new style and look. I already posted the first article of 2NE1 lonely fashion which I based in their BTS on YG on air. And now I’m not surprised that they’re in BALMAIN again but how they match each clothes and find which of it fits them. Their song and styles really match, its more like a LONELY + PUNK ROCK STYLE = “lonely rocker sang a love song”.

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[VIDEOS] 2NE1 is Excited for the Party!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

DARA: Mabuhay*!
2NE1: Wassup we 2NE1!
DARA: How are all of you? Watch out for our show at the Araneta Colesium on June 4! We are so excited, let’s see each other there huh! Mahal namin kayo**!

*Mabuhay: A Filipino form of greeting. It can be compared to Hawaii’s Aloha!
**Mahal namin kayo: We love you all. A play of “Mahal ko kayo,” Dara’s signature tagline when she was famous in the Philippines (the beauty queen wave is also her signature).

THE PARTY with 2ne1 Live in Manila at the Araneta Coliseum – June 4, 2011 (Saturday) 7 pm
Tickets available in all Ticketnet Outlets Nationwide
call 911-5555 or visit www.ticketnet.com.ph for more details
for VVIP inquiries, call PULP Office at 687.1709 look for Charles or Rizza.

** It’s time to Party! Our last hoorah before School Starts! **

SOURCE: Universal Records Philippines Fanpage @ Facebook

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[NEWS] 2NE1’s Youtube Honors after Less than 12 Hours!

Less than 12 hours after it’s release, 2NE1’s Digital Single Lonely has garnered over one hundred thousand views on Youtube and has shot up in Korean music charts like Melon.

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[INTERVIEW/110511] Teddy on 2NE1 and the Kpop Syndrome!

  YG Entertainment’s famous producer Teddy recently expressed why he thinks the “KPop Syndrome” is taking the world by storm.

Teddy is probably one of the most well-known producers in Korea, having produced popular hits such as Taeyang’s “Look Only At Me,” Uhm Junghwa’s “D.I.S.C.O,” Big Bang’s “Sunset Glow,” and many of Big Bang & 2NE1’s songs such as “Lollipop.”

This year marks Teddy’s 12th year since he began producing and as both a producer and a musician (Teddy was a member of YG’s hip hop group 1TYM), there is no doubt that he has significantly influenced the KPop wave. The songs that he produced for 2NE1 are extremely popular in foreign countries such as France, Mexico and Brazil.


[ME2DAY/110512] Dara shares a pictures and gives her thanks Teddy and Fans!

Original: [박부장의 깨알상큼 늬우스~!]속보입니다!!! 한시간전 공개된 투애니원의 신곡 론리가~!진입하며 동시에 지붕을 뚫었다고합니다!ㅠㅠ으흑흑..이렇게 좋은곡 주신 테디신님께 정말 감사드리구요!많이 사랑해주시는 팬여러분께도 너무 감사드립니다! 꾸벅!(__)투애니원 놀자!^.^

Translation: [PR manager Dara’s Crispy News!] Breaking News! 2ne1’s New Single “Lonely” just came out and hit the top of the music charts already!!! T.T Thank you so much to Teddy who gave us such a great song! and Thank you so much to all our fans for all your love! Bow(_ _) 2NE1 NOLJA!

Source Dara’s me2day
Translation from 2NE1’s Official FB