[NEWS] Park Bom “No. 1 Solo Song Gives A Good Feeling Before 2NE1’s Comeback”


Park Bom of 2NE1 has a good feeling 2NE1’s comeback activities that lie ahead.

Park Bom released her solo song , “Don’t Cry” last month on the 21st and set a record for reaching the top of different domestic music charts such as Melon, Dosirak, MNet, Soribada, Monkey3 and many more.

Topping all those music charts means that Park Bom has achieved a ‘Perfect All-Kill’ record which marked the start of 2NE1’s domestic comeback activities.

 Park Bom recently met with Star News and said “I didn’t know that I would reach the top spot. I was surprised.” and added,  “I was the one who began 2NE1’s comeback so there was a lot of pressure to get good results.”

“I seem to be very lucky. I thought that I should be good from the beginning and felt the pressure, but I told my self that this a good type of pressure.” She also said, “I think we wanted to record songs perfectly and I tried my best. I received a lot of love so I am so happy.”


Sung by Park Bom, “Don’t Cry” is an RnB dance track that uses piano melody and harmony as well as house beats. 2NE1’s representative producer Teddy has once again created a an ambitious song after giving birth to hits like “Fire,” “Can’t Nobody,” “Go Away,” among others.

To the question “Last year, your three title tracks reached the number one spot. Is there any pressure now?” She answered “Rather than feeling more pressure to work like last time, now we are more relaxed and enjoyed more. I think we just want to show ourselves well.”

Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” has started 2NE1’s comeback activities and after three weeks, 2NE1’s song “Lonely” will be introduced to the public. A total of six songs will be included in 2NE1’s new mini album.

SOURCE: Star News
CREDIT: CLovely @ DC2NE1

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